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Fika is a concept originating from Sweden. With the basic meaning of “to have coffee” it is somewhat of a national institution in the Scandinavian country.

Functioning as both a verb and a noun, the concept of fika is simple. It is the moment that you take a break, often with a cup of coffee, but alternatively with tea, and find a baked good to pair with it. You can do it alone, you can do it with friends. You can do it at home, in a park or at work. But the essential thing is that you do it, that you make time to take a break: that’s what fika is all about.


Fika is incorporated into everyday work life in offices across Sweden. After reading an article in The Pool a member of our team shared the post and concept of fika. Points made in The Pool article written by Caroline O’Donoghue resonated with us – work can be hectic and even in a relatively small office it can be all too easy when you’re working hard to go days without really taking the time to catch up with some of your colleagues. Plus various research into productivity indicates that scheduling breaks into the working day can be of great benefit to mental ability and energy levels.

Encouraged by the idea of making our digital agency a more inclusive place to work, coupled with the promise of baked goods we decided to give office fika a try!

Rixxo FIKA - The inclusive coffee break

How we Fika

  • Fika happens at Rixxo everyday at 11 o’clock.
  • It’s a 10 minute break AWAY from your desk to enjoy tea, coffee, cake or snacks with the team.
  • Fika isn’t mandatory but it is encouraged.
  • Stories of adventures are welcome.

Never underestimate the power of sweet treats to engage a workforce! We all agree it’s made a noticeable difference to our days and how well we know each other. We are all enjoying getting to know our colleagues a little better and all sorts of friendships are formed #RixxoLife

We love a good cake at Rixxo - Rixxo Digital Marketing & Website Agency Bristol

Come and join in

It may sound simple, and it is really, but how often does a team step away from the screen at the same time and take a communal moment to change the usual rhythm of the day?

Fika is great for all sorts of reasons, but in our digital agency it has become an institution and a mid point in the day to enjoy each others company and take a breath.

We also occasionally Threeka. Obvs, this is where we Fika again at 3pm. Fika is open to anybody in the building at 11am and if you are here, in a meeting then you should get involved. You’ll never know what you’ll learn.


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