Here’s latest in tech over the festive period, including Apple boasting power, Alexa helping out offices and an advancement in video on Twitter.

Welcome back to our monthly technology roundup, just in time for Christmas! Everyone is busy preparing for the festive shopping period, with giants in global business all making moves in order to cement their names in people’s minds. Here, as usual, we’ve rounded up all the news which has got our office talking – This is December’s Tech Roundup.

iMac Pro

Apple, the ever innovative tech giant, are know to release new products in the run-up to Christmas, with end-2015 seeing the release of the iPad Pro and end-2016 giving birth to the Apple Watch 2. The American company is now continuing in that tradition by unveiling the iPhone X in November, as well as their latest release – The iMac Pro.

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Source: Apple Website

With a 5K retina display, this new iMac Pro is massively boasting the sheer level of power this machines packs. Apple have gone out of their way to create their very own, brand-new graphics processor to complement the 18-core processor already built-in the iMac.

It seems as though it’s been crafted for high-performance editing systems and carrying out tasks which the standard computer just simply wouldn’t be able to handle.

Plus, with its base price at $500 (£3722) it would sure make a lovely Christmas gift!

Find out more about the iMac Pro here.

Amazon Alexa for Office

Amazon is getting bigger and bigger. CEO Jeff Bezos was recently crowned as the world’s richest person, while becoming the first to have a net worth surpass $100 billion, in November 2017.

In 2015, Amazon released the first in their range of Echo Smart Speakers, accompanied by Alexa, the AI personal assistant, comparable to Apple’s Siri. The product proved to be extremely popular, spawning a variety of siblings, such as: Echo Dot, Look, Show, Spot and Plus.

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Especially in recent years, the popularity of this product has greatly increased, with workshops and seminars being undertaken to research how to really efficiently use Alexa’s capabilities. The Echo can now control household appliances, turning lights on and off by a simple voice command.

Amazon have now taken Alexa into offices, allowing workers to use voice commands to simplify daily chores. Simple reminders, cancellations and messages can all be programmed into Alexa, allowing menial tasks can be carried out while you get on with what’s really important! We think it’s another amazing Alexa feature, especially useful for those busy offices.

Learn more about Alexa for office here.

Twitter Video

Twitter remains as the most viewed social media platform for businesses and companies will be well advised to make as much use of this as possible.

Twitter recently cause a few ripples in the waves recently when they changed their character limits for their ‘tweets’ from the renowned 140-characters to 280-characters. Regardless of the response, businesses can use this as a way of conveying more information in a single tweet instead of trimming down to the legal limit or continuing into a new tweet.

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Another adjustment the social media giant has introduced is a feature that allows users to view how many others have watched a video on Twitter. Next to the duration timer, they’ve introduced a counter which clocks when a person has clicked on the video, whether it be for a few seconds.

This can be good for businesses making the leap to video advertising (which is the future!). It brings in the concept that when a user sees a video has attracted a certain amount of views, they’ll be more like to have a watch.

In an era when video is becoming the number 1 method of conveying and digesting information, this feature could be of especially great help, not to mention the platform being one of the most popular social media websites.


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