In our last post we looked at GDPR Forms and Recording Keeping and now we’re halfway through our GDPR enlightenment!

In this quick piece, we’ll show you some interesting ways that you can advertise to your clients even when they’ve not given you permission.

This isn’t some holy grail secret BUT more a way around how you can still target customers and get a second chance to ask them if they want to join your marketing list…

Receipts… yes, it’s that simple. When a customer requests a receipt, you need to give them something that’s proof of purchase, however, there’s nothing in GDPR that says you can’t also add something extra to that receipt in the form of marketing.

For example… you have a customer that’s purchased online and needs an email receipt BUT they’ve not ticked the box so that approve to be added to the marketing database. How about at the bottom of that receipt you entice them with a 20% off their next order if they join your marketing list?

There’s two ‘win’s to this, you get a potential new order from them as you’ve offered them a cracking discount for another purchase AND you have access to their details.

Now we wouldn’t recommend you spam them with lots of information, after all, what you’re sending them is meant to be their receipt, but, more put the offer in prominent section directing them to a signup page to get their discount code for the next shop.

Sounds simple when you think about it doesn’t it?

In the next email, we’ve got more useful tips regarding software and tools you might find useful to stay compliant with GDPR.

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In the meantime, have a great week.

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