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How to get your conference trending

Getting instant reaction and opinions at a conference can be a tricky task with speakers on one after another and so much to see and do. One way to draw focus and engagement from all is by using the platform where feedback and opinion is inevitable, social media. Displaying a gallery of tweets and photos from an event can quickly engage audiences and create a buzz around your conference. Here are some tips on how we ensured Online Influence Conference’s hashtag #oiconf stayed trending this year.


The Online Influencer event is Europe’s fastest growing social media and mobile innovation conference, so we knew the engagement potential here. Consider the target audience. What mobile apps and platforms of communication do they use and are they familiar with?

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Using User Generated Content

Using the Wyng UGC gallery platform, Rixxo monitored Tweets and Instagram posts at the Online Influencer Conference 2017 with the hashtag #oiconf. This sent the image or tweet to the Wyng platform where we were able to quickly moderate each submission for the conference. The images and posts, once approved, appeared on a UGC gallery on a big projector screen at the conference. Getting the conference hashtag trending is great free publicity for the organisers of the conference.

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Getting technical

We created a UGC gathering campaign on the Wyng Platform, and then created a customised grid visualisation using the Rixxo “Cascade” theme. This allowed us to quickly produce an on-brand display.

We soon realised though that the issue we faced was that due to the fact that the visualisation was on a big screen. It would be more engaging if it systematically displayed the latest UGC without the need to refresh, so we wrote an extension for Cascade which periodically checked for new content and live updated the gallery as content was approved.

Seeing images and tweets constantly appear on the big screen encouraged attendees to post their opinions and feedback; which resulted in a soar of people consistently using the conference’s hashtag throughout the day. This gave the conference increased publicity and resulted in the hashtag trending across the United Kingdom. The gallery was a great centerpiece to the conference and people were regularly posting their thoughts on the speaker’s topic. It often sparked some interesting debate between other people attending the conference that wouldn’t have happened without the UGC gallery.

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The power of data

Finally, the UGC gallery along with all its engagement data is forever available. Handy if you’re advertising any future conferences you may plan and perhaps you want to add in additional platforms to gather submissions from.

Here’s what the organisers of the conference, Coup Media, had to say about our involvement at this event:

“We worked with Social Response (now, Rixxo) on what was our biggest ever OiConf, and we needed help making sure our delegates were engaged across the board. The UGC wall SR created, that we displayed on our big conference screen created a brilliant visual impact on the day, it brought together all the pockets of activity across the site from keynotes, seminars, to masterclasses behind closed doors – it allowed us and our delegates to really get closer to all the action, and gave us an omnipresence like we’ve never experienced before. We’re hugely grateful to the work these guys all put in – and we would 100% recommend working with them at your next major event”

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