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Working Together: Wyng Integration with Passle

Brightpearl - Custom integrations and plugins by Rixxo Digital Consultancy Bristol
Brightpearl - Custom integrations and plugins by Rixxo Digital Consultancy Bristol


Wyng, formerly known as Offerpop, is a marketing platform for brands and agencies to build and run campaigns that drive participation and elevate consumer influence.


Passle enables experts to create insights in moments.
Give the bright, busy subject matter experts at your company a set of simple but powerful tools and the inspiration they need to create relevant, timely insights.
Passle enables your experts and the wider team to engage earlier in the sales process with your key organisations. By leading the debate and shaping the problems that your customers and prospects face, you are well positioned to be the solution of choice. According to Corporate Visions, 74% of buyers choose the sales representative that was first to add value and insight. The good news is that your experts are the most trusted group of all. In a 2019 Edelman report, 65% considered Company Technical Experts “Very or extremely credible.”

Rixxo is deeply curious, innovative and inventive when it comes to custom integrations. We believe automation and integration are key to a smoother user experience whether for customer or administrator.

As an experienced team of developers and strategists, we are able to advise on existing Wyng and Passle extensions or build a custom Wyng  / Passle integration for your business.

Lets talk about Wyng working with Passle

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