July’s Tech roundup of the latest gadgets and tech for your business. 

Wyng Releases Digital Campaign Index

Launched alongside the new Agency Edition of Wyng’s market-leading engagement and UGC platform, the Digital Campaign Index is the only campaign scoring system and benchmarking framework readily available on the open market.

The DCI uses over 3 billion data points to allow agencies and marketers to quickly benchmark their campaign’s performance against hundreds of thousand of other campaigns run using the Wyng platform. The DCI brings data-driven insights to the notoriously difficult mid-funnel marketing activities.

The DCI uses the two biggest factors that contribute to campaign value and performance:

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The DCI will have a great effect on results for brands using the Wyng platform to quickly build, launch and manage campaigns by giving managers real time insight. Wrapping up campaigns will also be made simple with beautiful data visualisations.

Download the full whitepaper on the Wyng Digital Campaign Index.

Slack says: “Oh, Hello App Store”

After Rixxo embraced Slack as the main channel for internal (and sometimes client) communications, we saw an absolutely huge fall in the number of emails being sent.  Almost as big as the increase in funny Gif usage. Needless to say, we love it. And with over five million active daily users, it seems that love is only growing.

This month Slack has brought their App Store front and centre in the hope of even more automation and further embedding of the platform into enterprise across the world.

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Users can now access the ever growing banks of bots, integrations and apps right from the dashboard. A simple, but very wise move.  

A Snap-y Update

Snap has introduced a great new feature giving marketers the ability to include links to web pages in posts.

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The move will help marketers drive more web traffic and a deeper level of engagement from their posts. We’re all hoping it may also kick Instagram into making this a default feature for all posts too. (After all, they still owe us one after “Timeline Gate”).

Local Lives Matter

Somerset is firmly in the minds of Rixxo the team over these warmer summer months. Usually, in the form of quick day trips on the weekend or the various types of ciders we enjoy around the city. This month, it’s also the home to the latest Google DeepMind project.

Taunton’s Musgrove Hospital is the first NHS Foundation to be given access to the innovative Streams technology that is aimed at saving time for the Doctors and Nurses saving lives around the areas. Streams is a secure mobile app that helps give faster care to patients showing signs of deterioration by giving them the right information more quickly.

This is the first Google DeepMind partnership outside of London and as lovers of innovation for good causes, we all hope the first of many.

Lot’s more information is available on Google DeepMind website and the trust’s website.

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