Magento Audit Service

Our comprehensive Magento site audits are designed to be actionable and understandable. We can provide post-review support where needed, but we aim to save time and cost with efficient diagnosis and by providing recommendations that can be undertaken by your team.

There are a number of scenarios that may have led to the requirement of a Magento site audit, so before we begin, the scope is agreed and aligned to your goals to make sure we deliver the most valuable information that is specific to your business and its Magento e-commerce store.

Key Areas Of Magento Site Audits

Front End Audits

The interface of your Magento store is your shop window and arguably the most important part of the site. We examine the JavaScript, CSS and HTML which users interact with as part of a full Magento theme review.

Back End Analysis

Our developers dive into the infrastructure of your site to analyse the integrity of the Magento core and database. We cover all relevant aspects of code including integrations, server architecture and logs to ensure stability

Site Speed Audits

Super fast load times across all devices has never been more important to any Magento store owner. We focus on delivering improvements to your site speed as standalone report or part of a larger audit

Security Audits

To be sure you are keeping valuable store and customer data secure, we review your Magento site to ensure patches are installed, extensions are up to date and you are PCI Compliant

SEO Audits

Our Magento Certified Solutions Specialists conduct a thorough technical analysis of your site, marketing channels, market and competitors as part of a comprehensive SEO audit

Extensions & Functionality

We review all third party and custom extensions to look for conflicts. We combine this review with our 9 years experience to make sure functionality is best servicing your site and business

Need a second opinion?

We’ve supported several Magento store owners who are planning, part way through or recently abandoned a project to provide impartial and experienced advice. This could be hugely valuable if you are planning on migrating to (or from) Magento, or if you are responsible for reviewing or signing off a new Magento e-commerce store or extension. Just get in touch and we can provide help in resolving an issue or providing inspiration for your next move.

Thanks very much for your time today. We were all in agreement that it was an excellent and very insightful look into our platform

Marcus Forsey | SEO Technical and Site Speed Audit Customer

Magento Design & Development

Using an atomic design process and agile development methodology to deliver Magento 2 websites on time and in budget.

Magento Consultancy

Get expert advice planning a new Magento 2 build, migrating or getting more from an existing Magento 2 store.

Magento SEO

Ensure maximum visibility for search engines and on-page optimisation with expert technical Magento 2 SEO

Magento Support and Maintenance

Avoid downtime, security risks and ensure optimum performance with our bespoke Magento support services.

Magento 2 Hosting

Bespoke Magento 2 managed hosting solutions tailored for you business’ needs with advanced options available.

Magento 2 Migration

We follow a unique process designed to allow for easy and effective migration to Magento 2 from Magento or other platforms.

Magento 2 Training

Magento 2 training delivered by Magento Certified Solutions Specialists on-site or classroom-based for all of your team.

Magento eCommerce Audit

Get a Magento 2 audit tailored to your challenges and opportunities with an in-depth analysis and audit.

Magento 2 Integrations

Benefit from seamless and secure transmission of data between Magento 2 and 3rd party platforms with bespoke integrations.

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