Why choose Magento 2

Magento 2. Faster, safer and easier to use.

Magento 2 is the latest version of the world leading eCommerce system. More than 250,000 businesses have chosen to power their business with Magento since its first public release in 2008 and it is now estimated 1 in 4 online stores are run through Magento.

Magento 2 is a complete rebuild of the platform. Learning from its global success, Magento 2 is faster, safer and easier to use.

Store Management

Magento 2 delivers an unrivalled set of features for managing a catalogue of products of all sizes and complexities.

Store Management

Enjoy the facility to create a variety of product types - simple products, configurable products, downloadable products etc.


Multi-tier pricing system which allows variable prices based on the customer group.


Rule based catalogue and shopping cart promotions allow us to offer a wide variety of promotional offers to your customers, based on a multitude of product subsets.

Export Options

Magento 2 allows the easy set up of additional websites in different languages and currencies to deliver your global sales portal all from one content management system.

Improved Admin Dashboard

Easy to learn and east use. Filter and customise the new dashboard to make it a store owner’s joy to work in.

Multiple Admin Users

Multiple users can now edit and create products without conflict of data. (Pheww!)

Cache is king - Magento 2 is over 50% faster

One of the most anticipated and exciting new features of Magento 2 is built-in caching. Caching reduces the number of disk reads and network calls a website makes making it much faster than before. For enterprise eCommerce, this is crucial as site speed plays a dramatic role in conversion rate and search engine optimisation.

Looking beyond this major new function you’ll also find enhanced marketing tools, analytics and improved design elements using HTML 5 and a CSS compilation. Many of the top marketplace extensions addressed any features missing from Magento version 1. These now appear as core features in Magento 2.

Ecommerce Elite Performance

Magento 2 delivers best-in-class performance features

Page Caching

Magento 2’s enhanced Varnish caching delivers a faster experience to dramatically improve customer experience, conversion rates and Google organic search rankings.


Magento 2 now works seamlessly with the latest programming languages.  Using HTML 5 and a brand new CSS pre-processor provides optimum performance in a modern age of development.

Sell 3x More

More sales and more growth. That’s why so many eCommerce businesses choose Magento 2. A survey conducted by the Internet Retailer Top 1000 found that Magento Commerce customers generate 3x more sales growth than other platform users.

Get Found And Sell More

Magento 2 users are more likely to grow their sales online.


The newly designed Magento 2 store checkout provides a much better experience to decrease abandonments and boost sales.

Marketing Automation

Magento 2 is stocked with the features that allow for easy automation of tactics including up-sells, cross-sells, personalisation and remarketing.

Mobile First

Magento 2 has been built recognising that over 50% of all eCommerce transactions happen on a mobile device


The newly designed Magento 2 store checkout provides a much better experience to decrease abandonment and boost sales


Customers can be segmented based on their behaviours. They have their journey, products and offers all made personal to their wants and needs.


Increase customer lifetime value and retention rates using newly added rewards points, store credit and gift cards features.

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Magento 2 is built to grow with you from start-up to SME, to the international global retailer.

Magento Community

Magento Community Edition delivers all of the required tools and features needed to grow your business, reduce costs and ensure you have a future adaptable platform that scales WITH you.

Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise Edition combines an even more powerful feature set with enterprise performance and scale suited to larger or more ambitious e-tailers.


There are hundreds of thousands of pre-built extensions made specifically for advancing your store or delivering industry-specific functions.

Extensions & Integrations

The extensive set of features built into Magento make it

easy to use for our clients, and easy to enhance for our developers. This means there are endless possibilities for extending or integrating Magento 2 specifically for your business.

eCommerce & Magento Case Study

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Magento Services

Unlike many agencies, Rixxo has built, managed and marketed our own Magento eCommerce store. This experience gives us unrivalled insight, experience and knowledge in planning, launching and running a powerful and efficient Magento eCommerce website business.

Magento Design & Development

Using an atomic design process and agile development methodology to deliver Magento 2 websites on time and in budget.

Magento Consultancy

Get expert advice planning a new Magento 2 build, migrating or getting more from an existing Magento 2 store.

Magento SEO

Ensure maximum visibility for search engines and on-page optimisation with expert technical Magento 2 SEO

Magento Support and Maintenance

Avoid downtime, security risks and ensure optimum performance with our bespoke Magento support services.

Magento 2 Hosting

Bespoke Magento 2 managed hosting solutions tailored for you business’ needs with advanced options available.

Magento 2 Migration

We follow a unique process designed to allow for easy and effective migration to Magento 2 from Magento or other platforms.

Magento 2 Training

Magento 2 training delivered by Magento Certified Solutions Specialists on-site or classroom-based for all of your team.

Magento eCommerce Audit

Get a Magento 2 audit tailored to your challenges and opportunities with an in-depth analysis and audit.

Magento 2 Integrations

Benefit from seamless and secure transmission of data between Magento 2 and 3rd party platforms with bespoke integrations.

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