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We are specialists in undertaking Magento technical SEO audits and assisting with any on-page optimisation required to maximise the potential visibility to search engines. We put a particular focus on Google as it has over two-thirds of all search market share, but ensure efforts will help increase search positions across a number of search providers.

Our experience in providing technical SEO to Magento store owners and marketers dictate they often don’t just want to improve search engine rankings, but generate more traffic and increase sales. This is why we always include other suggestions and tactics that can help achieve this.

The Three Pillars of Magento Technical SEO


We analyse your site’s basic technical structure to ensure Google and other search engine’s robots can easily read the information on your Magento store and index it in the best possible way.

Despite Magento being particularly well built for SEO, if optimisation does not happen, Magento databases can hide key information needed by the search robots to index the site properly.

We ensure all of the pages have fast load times, there is well structured HTML, Google sitemaps are correctly generated, URLs are structured in the correct way and all of Magento built in SEO tools are being deployed correctly.


Once the technical elements of the Magento store are in place, we inspect the Magento site and its content to ensure there is uniformed direction to the keywords, content, media, products and meta information.

Your Magento store and all of its content should be relevant to the search terms you are targeting. It will then be clear to Google, Bing and others, exactly which search terms relate to your website.

As part of our Magento Technical SEO service, we help you make sure that your site is relevant using all of the tools within the Magento Admin Panel combined with our nine years experience of increasing organic traffic to Magento sites.


In the eyes of Google; a crowd attracts a crowd. Getting your Magento site noticed is more than half the battle. Popularity is defined by a variety of things, such as traffic, on-page engagement and links.

We use a range of tools to determine opportunities to increase the popularity of pages and content. We go far deeper than just link building. Our digital marketing experience allows us to offer lots of tactics.

Once we have agreed the tactics needed to increase your Magento store popularity, we help you plan activities and measure successes. If you require us to implement any or all of these SEO activities, we more than happy to do so.

Magento SEO Audits & Strategy

To help you reach your goals it is imperative we plan. To enable us to do this successfully, our multidisciplinary development team and Magento Certified Solutions Specialists conduct a thorough analysis of your site, marketing channels, market and competitors as part of the initial audit. Google examines over 200 elements to determine a website’s organic search position and you can expect our audit of your Magento store to cover as many of these as possible.

We also understand the importance of delivering the audit in a manner that is understandable, actionable and aligns with business goals. This is why we are on hand to present and interpret the results, sometimes to a variety of stakeholders. Your Magento Audit is structured to allow you to undertake the highest priority tasks, that deliver the most business value, first and develop longer-term approaches to some of the more complex aspects.

Ongoing Magento SEO Support

Once there is an SEO strategy in place for your Magento store, you may find yourself needing support in some of the areas that need attention. To allow us to offer the right level of service to deliver results, we tailor our approach based on the resource available.

We deliver work in Sprints according to our Agile Methodology to ensure regular progress that can be tracked against the KPIs determined upfront. This can include the provision of specialist SEO tools, Magento SEO training and introductions to specialist partners where it's needed.

Thanks very much for your time today. We were all in agreement that it was an excellent and very insightful look into our platform.

Marcus Forsey | SEO Technical and Site Speed Audit Customer

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