Magento Support and Maintenance

Our Magento website support and maintenance is bespoke, efficient and offers great value for money. Our support gives you the peace of mind to continue growing your business and scale with your needs.

Magento website outages or technical issues can have a dramatic impact on sales and customer experience. This is why we have assembled a highly trained team of experienced Magento support specialists to cover the wide array of issues that can occur with any website. Our Magento support packages give you access to our entire team of Magento Developers and Solutions Specialists.

We truly understand the importance of great support. Contact us today to find out more and let us advise on the best level of support for you.

Proactive Support

Great support does not mean just waiting for issues to arise. Our support team are proactive undertake regular tasks to ensure problems are rare. This includes managing any Magento security updates and patches.

Bespoke Packages

Our Magento support is bespoke for each client based on budget and requirements. We understand that every business and Magento store is unique, therefore we tailor our support package to your needs.

Site Monitoring

We use the latest software to monitor your Magento site and respond to alerts in a timely fashion. All our support clients have access to these reports and other useful info via a personalised support dashboard.

Fast Resolution

When your team gets in touch with an issue or change, it will be allocated to the best member of our experienced support to ensure a speedy resolutions. We work to tight SLAs to ensure your Magento site is performing at its best.

Hosting Included

Our hosting uses best-in-class, solid states drives that are optimised for Magento web server stacks. Our hosting and support go hand-in-hand to keep your Magento site running.

Account Manager

All of our Magento support clients have access to a dedicated Account Manager so our teams can work together closely to resolve issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.

We have been working with Rixxo for several years on projects from website design, shopping basket and integration to Amazon & EBay. We have always found them to be good business partners, keen to understand the needs of our business & tailor solutions to meet these. A friendly, creative bunch of people.


24 hour Fix or Report

If you have provided enough info on your ticket, or we’re able to get additional information from you in time we can fix the majority of support issues within the first 24 hours. If we aren’t able to fix your issue in this time your Account Manager will provide you with more detail, an estimate of when we schedule the work and what else we require from you.

24 Hour Support

Version Controlling as Standard

When you take a Magento support contract with us, we will create a repository (trackable backup) of your website with Git version control system, this ensures we track every change and always have a backup of the last “good” state of your website. This is different to regular backups and acts as a backup of the backups.

Version Control

Can I use my Magento support contract to make changes?

Support is there to keep your Magento website running, fix bugs, and ensure you can maintain operation. We can also help put things back if you make a mistake.

Significant changes that will have knock-on effects may need more testing and will also be best deployed to a staging environment where it should be properly tested before going live. This type of work is not included in your support agreement. We are able to assist with small changes taking less than 40 minutes if accessible and without the need for a controlled deployment. These are typically technical changes using the content management system. We'd much prefer to show you how though, so next time you can do it yourself.

Bug Squashing

What happens if I use more hours than are in my Magento support agreement?

We track our time using Toggl (a great app) and measure support time use to the second. If you run over your hours in a month we’ll send you an invoice at the end of the month for the pro-rata amount.

Payments are collected via Direct Debit using GoCardless which is safe and secure. You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee for paying in this way.

Time in Hours

Can I carry over Magento support time not used?

Magento support agreement time does not carry over. This enables us to properly plan our resources and ensure we can accommodate your requirements.

Calendar Planning

I am very happy with Rixxo and was especially impressed that I was told it wasn’t essential to make the move to Magento 2 at great expense and given an affordable quote to migrate to WooCommerce if we wanted to go down that road.


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