It’s back with a bang! This month’s Tech Roundup features WordPress’ growth, Google making big advancements and Snapchat getting their own!

It’s our first tech roundup in a while and we can’t wait. While we’ve been busy renovating our website (take a look around), we haven’t forgotten to stay on top of the latest in tech; and there are some absolute crackers! Let’s do this – This is March’s Tech Roundup.

WordPress is getting Big, Big and Bigger

WordPress is one of the most popular online, open source website creation platforms written in PHP. But, in more layman’s terms, it’s most likely the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) out there.

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Source: WordPress Website

WordPress is used by some of the most famous organisations and celebrities, and its approval is evident from its sheer market share. From the Obama foundation to Usain Bolt, WordPress powers a vast amount of sharing sites on the web. Now, they’re ever-expanding.

In fact, according to W3Techs, a firm that deals with technologies powering websites, they recently delivered a report stating that WordPress now powers 30% of the top 10 million websites. With almost 1 in 3 websites being hosted by them, no wonder they’re becoming bigger and bigger, now accumulating 60% of the market share.

Oh, and yes, WordPress is powering Rixxo’s website too! The simplistic design and the flexibility it gives the owner are just some of the reasons you should be checking it out!

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Google have done it again!

It’s a fight for the finish line for the top technology companies trying to find the next breakthrough in computing. A lot of focus, in recent times, has been on the quantum computer – a computer that can calculate algorithms and processes a LOT faster than any normal computer.

It now seems as though Google, ever-pushing the boundaries of technology, have found the solution. Google have recently unveiled a new quantum processor, called the Bristlecone, claiming speeds 100 millions times that of a normal computer.



With the release of the Bristlecone, Google have even gone as far as saying how they are now firmly on the path towards quantum supremacy – words which competitors will no doubt start shivering over! Quantum Computers are run on processors called qubits – quantum versions of ordinary bits in general computers. It is considered that a computer chip with 49 qubits will be good enough to achieve quantum supremacy. 1 Bristlecone chip contains 72 qubits.

This extraordinary announcement will definitely wake up competitors, with IBM being the closest in the race, whereas Microsoft, in recent years, have been greatly lagging.

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Snapchat gets tagging

It’s well know about the ongoing war involving Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and the fight for World domination (well, maybe not that extreme). The three social media giants are forever making moves to try and gain the upper-hand over each other. Recently, Facebook and Instagram have both accompanied the “stories” feature in their respective domains, taken straight from Snapchat who had started the trend.



But now it’s Snapchat’s turn to dip into competitor pools for ideas. Stories on Instagram have been becoming more and more popular in recent times and they come with an interesting feature where you can tag other Instagram users in respective stories, with links to tagged profiles. It’s proved a popular component, with users regularly tagging friends and family.

Now, after recent years of Instagram picking Snapchat features to incorporate in their platform, Snapchat have now taken the idea of tagging in stories, allowing users to tag friends and family with their Snapcodes in the pictures/videos. With unique Snapcodes giving users the ability to quickly add others, it’s a great way of expanding friends lists and increasing Snapchat usage.

We think it’s a fantastic idea that should’ve been implemented earlier!

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