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Matthew Leighton joins Rixxo as Backend Developer

Matthew Leighton joins Rixxo as Backend Developer

Matthew will be working within the development team, helping to solve new problems and innovate new products.

Matthew brings with him a strong interest in technology and an eagerness to learn. Prior to joining Rixxo, Matthew has been a camera assistant at the BBC, project managing to keep productions moving at pace.

Managing Director Christopher Gee says,

‘I’ve never met someone who learns new technology so quickly, then applies it to the current solutions we are working on’

On joining Rixxo Matthew said,

“I’m looking forward to the chance to work on interesting projects and am excited about solving new problems.”

Matthew likes to adventure… in the middle of nowhere. I once spent a week on a farm, helping to build a hippie commune for a film set.

Matthew’s creations…

A JavaScript morse code translator/messaging site, translating between an input of a user tapping a key, and a text output.

A web app which compares the YouTube channels of two users you are subscribed to.

A Reddit clone built using the PHP framework Laravel.

A JavaScript calculator, built as an exercise in handling unexpected user input and delivering a polished experience for a simple product.

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