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Moussa Clarke Backend Magento Developer

Moussa Clarke joins Rixxo as a Backend Developer

Moussa arrives at Rixxo with a wealth of information, passion and desire to “help businesses achieve saner workflows and kill 90s era MS Access UI with fire”

Moussa’s history is an eclectic one ranging from being a World renowned DJ, to appearing on Top Of The Pops to making and running websites for craft beer companies. Ultimately though, he’s a family man who’s been interested in technology and code from a very young age and has already shown a logical approach to tackling backend work in a commercially savvy manner.

Lead Backend Developer Peter Stone says,

Moussa comes into Rixxo with a terrific drive and a keenness not only to learn, but to contribute to the team. Helping to push not only himself forwards, but everyone around him. I knew from first meeting him he would be a perfect fit here, and he’s only exceeded my expectations since starting.

Upon joining Rixxo, Moussa said;

For me coding has always primarily felt like a creative endeavour, and I love the vibe at Rixxo – dynamic, imaginative and hard-working, with a super-friendly and supportive team. The projects and clients I’ve been working on so far have been really varied, and it’s great to get the chance to solve problems and play with different tech. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in further!

Moussa loves… continuously learning new code and languages (he already speaks five- excluding code), building cool stuff and working with anything internet related (e.g IoT, BlockChain, P2P and Deep Learning).

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