November’s roundup of the latest in gadgets and tech, including a revolution in Twitter, a tablet that feels like paper and a wearable keyboard!

Following on from last month’s technology roundup, this month has been like any other in terms of rapid changes and developments in tech. Here we bring you the latest news which has most triggered our fascination – This is November’s Tech Roundup!

Twitter 280-characters!?

Twitter has long been a favourite in social media, with numerous celebrities, businesses and members of the public using it as their choice social platform. Since it’s inception in 2006, Twitter has managed to grow at a remarkable rate, with 135,000 new users signing up everyday.

One of their signature features, however, was the limitation of characters one could ‘tweet’. Since 2006, until about early November 2017, Twitter had limited posts to only 140 characters. Users had to try and find ways of fitting all their thoughts into 140 characters or continue the comment into a separate post.

However, Twitter have changed this “after listening and observing a problem our global community was having.” After 11 years, Twitter have now doubled the character limitation to 280 characters.

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Reaction doesn’t look like what Twitter had expected, as many users are questioning the need and purpose for 280 characters, other than making a profile look more chunky! It seems the main feature people were pining for was an ‘edit’ button for tweets, something Twitter doesn’t look like it’s doing anytime soon.

Innovation Blog | Digital Agency Bristol
Innovation Blog | Digital Agency Bristol

ReMarkable – The Digital Paper Tablet

This is one product that has truly caught our Founder Christopher Gee’s attention. ReMarkable is a digital tablet with a twist!

ReMarkable CEO Magnus Wanberg had set out to originally create a smart, efficient way of using paper, such as reducing the time spent typing up notes as well as relieving the stress on the environment.

Innovation Blog | Digital Agency Bristol

Source: ReMarkable Web Store

Through his sheer passion for the usage of paper and the effect writing on paper does for one’s clarity of thinking and focus, he created a digital tool which replicates the feeling of writing on paper. He calls it the first “Digital Paper Tablet”.

Here at Rixxo, we love it! You can learn more about it here.

TAP – Wearable Keyboard

One other gadget that has just hit us here at Rixxo is the TAP Wearable Keyboard. Originally released in mid-2016, it seems to be generating more and more hype recently.

TAP is virtual keyboard that can be connected to any platform (computer/phone/Apple watch) via bluetooth! This can essentially turn any surface into a keyboard.


Innovation Blog | Digital Agency Bristol

Users must wear a “TAP Strap” which is fitted throughout with embedded sensors which can monitor scan information from the hands and fingers. ‘Information’ is unravelled by an MCU which links the data with finger tap combinations and clicks the according key on the keyboard via a Bluetooth radio. 

We think it’s a great idea and another step into the future of technology! See for yourself what you think.


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