October’s roundup of the latest gadgets and tech.

September’s roundup was jam-packed with the newest developments in technology, with several companies unveiling new products to prepare themselves ahead of impending Christmas campaigns (shout-out to Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X). As technology continues to improve, Rixxo have chosen the best news that has most sparked our interest!  Welcome to October’s roundup!

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Headphones

Google has been making moves in the smartphone market recently, announcing the next in their flagship Pixel phones – Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to be released on the 19th of October. However, another piece of tech from Google is seemingly making more of a noise!

The Google Pixel Buds are wireless headphones that are due to be released alongside the Pixel 2 phones. These AI-powered headphones have a built in Google Assistant and offer gesture controls to switch songs or answer calls. Tapping the right ear bud will activate the Assistant, which can allow you to set reminders, access your music or even check your messages.


However, the outstanding feature seems to be the ability to trigger Google Translate. Users can simply speak into the earbuds, and the device’s speaker will translate it into a chosen language. It works with 40 languages. There is a history of various companies trying to perfect this concept, but no significant avail. Nevertheless, we do believe if anyone can succeed in this, it would have to be Google!

Learn more about the Buds here

Apple Music Facebook Bot – Music from your emoji’s

2017 as a whole has seen a lot of progress into the use of artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to AI bots. Facebook has accompanied a ‘bot’ system on Messenger and companies are taking advantage of this with many different businesses using bots to chat with their customers. Read our article about the use of bots to find out more!

One recent occurrence of this is Apple Music’s new bot chat system. This new special integrations allows Messenger users to stream full songs straight from the app (as long as you have an Apple Music subscription). In the past, Messenger allowed for people to share playlists through Spotify and get playlist recommendations depending on the conversation – but streaming straight from the app is new.

And another special addition to this bot is the use of emojis. Users can send different emojis and the bot will reply with a playlist suggestion depending on it.


I tried this out with the fire emoji and the bot swiftly replied with the ‘It’s Lit!!!’ playlist! We think it’s a fantastic idea and more imaginative way of making the process more interactive in order to raise engagement – especially as Apple Music is competing with Spotify to increase users.

Try it out here

Project Beacon by Google – For your business!

It is true, Google is truly making strides in technology as of now. As well as releasing new products for the general public, they haven’t forgotten about other businesses. Google have recently conceived a new programme where they send small transmitters or “beacons”, as they call them, to businesses with physical locations. This is in order to make their venues more visible to customers through their mobile devices. What’s more is that Google are giving this programme for free.

This “beacon” transmits a one-way code that’s unique to your venue. When a customer visits your venue with location services on their device turned on, their phone can use the beacon signal in order to understand that it’s visiting your shop.

Google may ask users who’ve visited your venue to contribute reviews, such as star ratings, answers to quick questions, photos and even show the popular times for visiting your venue.

Project Beacon is definitely another interesting idea from Google and worth looking into for your business!

Learn more about Project Beacon here!


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