September’s Tech roundup of the latest gadgets and tech for your business.

Keeping track of all the latest technology changes in the working world can no doubt prove invaluable for professionals in all industries (flashback to July where we described how awesome Slack is for our office!); but it’s also important to stay on top of all the developments in the wider world as well. You never know when something different could lead to a great marketing idea – this is September’s roundup!

Dapulse – The work assistant your office is crying out for.

Started in 2014, Dapulse is the work assistant your office is crying out for. Running on a philosophy of “transparency and empowerment”, Dapulse is trying to create a more visually stimulating alternative for task managers.

A unique timeline feature allows workers to visually understand who in their teams are working on what project and for how long.


Image: Dapulse Website

Staff can also ‘mark’ their tasks indicating their progress such as, “working on it” or “done”. Furthermore, any assignments that hit a roadblock can allow a user to mark it as “stuck”, effectively sending out an SOS beacon around the office! 

As well as including a messenger and releasing iOS and Android App versions, Dapulse have taken great steps to ensure this is an effective communication tool and we can see why Forbes have recently listed in their ‘8 Great Office Collaboration Tools” list.

Take a look at what Dapulse has to offer you here

Tinder Gold – Love is in the air app

The continued growth of the popular dating app, Tinder, is nothing new. More and more users are joining the app that simply requires you to “swipe left” or “swipe right”.

While those phrases are also unusually becoming used in normal daily life, Tinder now has over 1 million paid subscribers. Users can purchase a ‘premium’ version which allows you ‘unlimited swipes’ and ‘redos’, to name a few features.

However, the company hasn’t stopped there, with Tinder releasing an all new, pricier, version of the app which allows users to see who has liked them beforehand.

The new version, ‘Tinder Gold‘, is priced at £4 on top of whatever the charge is of the user’s Tinder Plus subscription.


 Image: Tinder

This move proved popular as the app jumped straight to the top of the Apple store beating favourites Netflix and Candy Crush. However, Android users will have to wait a while for this feature as the company have only made it available on iOS thus far.

ChemiOn – Pointless Tech you need!

A new, cheeky product flaring our interests here at Rixxo is the new Bluetooth LED Glasses – ChemiOn (a subtle mixture of ‘chemistry’ and ‘on’). Accompanied by apps for Android and iOS, these glasses can be fully customised to show all kinds of patterns, texts and and even an intelligent equalizer that responds to music stimuli. Perfect for adding a little ‘extra’ at concerts.


As if all that wasn’t cool enough, the app even allows you to create your own patterns! You can learn more about ChemiOn here.


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