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Service Updates

Rixxo is an agency that has “believes in better” we are constantly striving to be better for our clients and deliver a service that improves over time.

Not everything needs a blog or press release full of needless waffle just to get the point across so our simple Good News Timeline curates the latest and greatest improvements at Rixxo to share internally and externally.

Support Reporting | Jan 22

For our clients who operate and run WordPress sites whether stand-alone or as part of their Lumarix b2b eCommerce websites we are introducing monthly reports

Each report will contain

  • Security Report
  • Speed Report
  • Analytics Report
  • Upgrade and Updates have been undertaken during this period
  • Custom notes and work undertaken

We're also pleased to be able to offer additional 

Weekly Time Reports | Jan 22

Starting this month all support clients will receive a regular weekly email summarising their previous week's activity.

This will help to manage backlogs, time spent, budgets and forecasting more accurately and continues to give our clients complete and transparent visibility of our work.

Please speak to our support team if you would like to be CC on these reports, stop receiving them or discuss customisation

Support Hero Appointed | Dec 21

In an effort to further improve our support desk offering we have appointed a Support Hero.

Their primary role is to be a point of contact for all clients on support related matters and liaise with the Project Manager, Architects and Developers to find solutions faster.

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