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Simon Evans joins Rixxo as Producer - Cyclist

Simon Evans joins Rixxo as Producer

Simon brings with him over 15 years of experience specialising in managing technology innovation within marketing and communications. Prior to joining Rixxo, Simon has been leading teams in developing award-winning new digital products and web services in a diverse range of industries; Samsung, Bourjois, Paul Smith, SXSW Interactive.

Managing Director Christopher Gee says

Simon is wildly creative, passionate and keen to expand his knowledge. His natural inquisitiveness and agile approach produces evolutionary products by expanding the creative boundaries of both our team and clients

On joining Rixxo Simon said

Rixxo is a fast growing company, with a fantastically talented team. I’m really excited at the prospect of helping them build systems and methodologies, enabling them to deliver great work at scale, without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Simon likes to adventure… in the forest. “I dressed up as a moose and lived wild in the forest for a several days, whilst players hunted me as part of my tracking game Moosehunt”

Simon’s creations…

TweetureTweeture, a cantankerous social robot that visitors to SXSW Interactive were invited to look after, taking him places and conversing with him over twitter.

2.8 Hours LaterA real world, interactive zombie apocalypse experience. 86,000 people played the game, during four years of national tours across the UK.

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