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Rixxo has been designing and developing Magento eCommerce store since it’s launch in 2009. When not running our Magento store, we’re on the other side of the table, looking for trusted partners who are able to deliver the skills and support needed to grow an online business.

It’s this experience that has guided our unique Magento design and development process. We understand the importance of balancing the needs of your business with those for your website users when planning, designing, developing and launching a Magento store.

We recognise the challenges that any new project, rebuild or migration can face, so we have adapted our transparent process to allow flexibility so we can ensure delivery on time and in budget.

Rixxo Magento Website Design and Development Process

Our process begins with an initial conversation to ensure we are a good fit for your project and will often last for years. We stringently plan before starting any project, ensuring a focus on meeting business requirements, before using best-in-class software applications like Jira (part of Atlassian) and Sketch to develop a truly collaborative project plan using ATOMIC design and an agile methodology.

Foundations: Preparing for success

Foundations is Rixxo’s proven research and planning model that prepares a project for success. It was born of experience working with agencies, freelancers, internal teams and clients alike.

There are 4 key principles to our Foundations method:

Focus on Business Requirements
The final solution should meet the Epic, the objective, the goal. We agree to this at the start and remain focused on success.

Demonstrate Control
There is more to a project than just you and us, we get that. You can rely on us when working with other stakeholders in the project to maintain credibility and communicate effectively.

Details emerge over time
We do not know everything and do not claim to. We expect the unexpected and the expected. We learn and react as the project evolves.

Delivery On Time and on Budget
Our core and driving principle that projects should be delivered when agreed, for the amount agreed.

All major projects begin with Foundations. During this time we take the time to fully understand your project requirements, you're resources and tools and make justified and informed decisions together.

At the end of Foundations you will have a transparent project schedule, specification and everyone involved will be clear of their responsibilities with the design and development process.

Foundations is Rixxo's specially constructed, step-by-step process preparing a project for success


Delivering elegant and engaging designs and user experiences

During our discovery, we will have gained a deeper knowledge of your brand, audience and customer journey. We use this information to inform our creative designs that a new product or website will be developed from.

Our design process combines craft and creativity with our broad knowledge of eCommerce and digital marketing. We ensure that the key brand messages are communicated to the different personas that make up your audience.

Following an ATOMIC design process allows us to cut time spent making changes creating new pages or functions. These savings allow us to then invest in optimising the user experience and adding the touches of flair that will help you stand out from the competition.

We use knowledge about your business to create elegant and engaging designs to your website


Collaborate to deliver regularly

Once designs have been approved and finalised, the code will start to be written, although some tasks can be undertaken alongside the design stage if a quick turnaround is required.

We work in Sprint Cycles, meaning that new functions are released on the development version of your site on a regular basis for you to review and feedback on. We always deliver the hardest development tasks as a priority to reduce any surprises further into the project.

The team will be in constant contact during the build. A trained project manager will act as your point of contact to ensure communications are clear and consistent. You can also track progress using the project management software that you’ll be invited to join.

Our Skilled Development Team will be in constant contact to ensure projects run smoothly and on time

eCommerce & Magento Case Study

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Digitally transforming your business

Any new website will be required to work seamlessly within your business and with other new or existing systems.

Any integrations with ERPs, third-party systems or marketing platforms will be developed in parallel to the main website development to ensure on time and in budget delivery.

We ensure your Magento 2 website will be perfectly integrated with other third-party systems you may have in place

Testing and Training

We use a complex and well-practised testing process to ensure everything is in place ensuring your site launch goes smoothly. Following our agile methodology allows for testing throughout the project with regular feedback to the development team.

Our agile approach and collaborative approach will also allow you and your team to develop a deep learning about your new website or application. Anything that is not clear will be covered in the training we include with our new builds and the documentation you will be provided with.

Following an agile approach allows us to test throughout the project as well as teach you about your new website

Migration and Launch

Prior to moving your site live, we will create a migration plan that will be followed to ensure the smooth switch over to your new website. On the agreed schedule, we will follow the tasks, move your site to your dedicated hosting and launch the new site.

The launch of your new website is a critical stage of the development process. A smooth transition should have no, or minimal, disruption to your business, customers and the website search engine rankings.

We offer none of minimal disruption to your business or customers when launching the new website

Switching to Magento 2?

We’re the agency to guide you all of the way

We’ve migrated clients away from Magento 1 and a multitude of different off-the-shelf platforms, along with bespoke systems, to Magento 2. Our agency experts can take your current product, customer and order data and funnel it into Magento 2. That means a minimum manual entry for you and a clean migration from one solution to another.

Warranty and Support

All websites and applications come with a warranty to cover for anything that does not work according to the specification.

When the warranty period ends, you will be supported all the way with our bespoke support and maintenance service. Our support will help avoid downtime, maintain optimum performance and allow you to focus on the important things.

All our websites come with a warranty and support service so we ensure we're always there for you


As you grow your business, so will your website. We work with your team to continue the development of your website even once it’s launched. Our design and development process is repeatable with regular sprints conducted to regularly deliver new features, functions or optimisations.

You may choose to retain your seat in your Jira project board to allow you to add requests to a backlog that can be deployed on a project or retainer basis.

Our experience in digital marketing, technical search engine optimisation (SEO), site speed improvements and conversion rate optimisation (CRO), helps us support your growth when it is needed most.

We collaborate with your team to ensure growth to your website as the business grows

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