This month’s roundup of gadgets and tech for your business. There are many releases that come out every month of amazing and exciting tech and we love trying it all. These three caught our eye and maybe they’ll catch yours.

Google Gif Creator

If you think data is boring and looking art stuffy old charts is out. Maybe your presentations to the board have lost their pizazz then Google is seeking to fix this with their New Data Gif Maker. Google are pitching this new tools as “sophisticated story-telling” but in reality, I think they’ve just realised that the world wants their information presented in more enjoyable formats.

If you have the results of your digital marketing to present, or even just the result of where this year’s summer bbq will be held, give this new tool a try and brighten up your reports.

The tool is super easy to use. Fill in the results in the step-by-step builder and download as a GIF. It’s still a little slow, maybe because of the high usage…

Data Gif Creator, Gif Creator, Google Credit: Google

and create great looking gifs like this one.

Google Data Gif Maker Example

Google Data Gif Creator

Meet Mevo

This little gadget has really caught our attention. Public speaking is becoming a sure fire way to win business in 2017. Knowledge sharing and real face to face contact. Just look at the success of TED. Mevo brings live streaming to Periscope, Facebook Live and Livestream into a pocket sized HD camera. Awesome!! It even has a battery pack extension and tripod option.

Mevo Live Stream Camera for social media streaming

If you check out the reviews around the internet they are mixed, and the camera does require a smartphone, however, we’re excited to see where this leads. Adding Skype or Google Hangouts would be great as you could get maximum benefit from your purchase when you aren’t speaking at events.

Mevo – The Live Event Camera

Nest Aware

Nest say,

“Powerful face recognition learning technology is used to identify, categorise and teach Nest Cam IQ to differentiate between family members and strangers. This means you’ll know when your child gets back from school, or when an unrecognised person enters your home. Alerts can refer to people by name if you identify familiar faces within the Nest app.”

They are pitching Nest Cam to families at home but I like the idea as manager of a small team that if somebody were to enter the office workspace who wasn’t one of the team then we can be alerted. This means you can leave the security on all of the time and not just when you are out, which is the limitation of lots of other smart cameras.

Nest Cam with IQ, Tech Roundup June Credit: Nest

A Nest Cam in the office is a great idea and with all of the If This Then That formulas available I’m sure there are ways businesses can benefit from this tech, even if it is just to make us feel a little safer.

Nest Cam


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