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What makes a successful summer campaign?

What makes a successful summer campaign?

The famous words echo around the breakout table, the Slack channel labelled #SummerCampaigns is set up, but nobody is sharing anything. Everyone is looking at last year’s prize winning campaigns and activations, at what the ‘competition’ is doing. But still nothing. It’s a mind blank, it should have been drafted a few months ago, signed off, assets aligned; but here we are, looking at a blank page waiting for the next ‘cringe’ viral campaign to land on our tables.

Well. It already has landed. We are just so blind and oblivious to see it. We have an abundance of it. Its free, It’s engaging and it will sell more and drive more traffic. Drive more traffic. Generate more repeat customers, more genuine conversations. It will amplify your message further and wider than any influencer campaign will do so. Yet, most of us in Marketing don’t know what it is, or where to start! The truth and fact of the matter is that UGC (User Generated Content) is absolutely EVERYTHING you need to work with this summer. It’s your free ticket to success, sales and some serious brownie points as well.

Let’s take a look at the UGC facts:

  • 65% of brands believe UGC content is more powerful than branded content
  • 85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential in their purchasing habits than branded content
  • Consumers are humans, humans follow humans. It’s fact. Social proof. You wear it, I like it. You like it, I loathe it. You talk about. I want it. Consumers are more likely to engage, purchase, refer content presented to them through a friend (human) as opposed to being influenced by a branded model.
  • UGC is more genuine. More realistic. More authentic.
  • It’s personal.

So. When we plan a Summer Campaign we need to consider, what it looks like, who amplifies it for us, what they get in return and what gives it the ‘viral’ factor?

Summer UGC Campaign from Lays Crisps

Check out this awesome example of a Summer UGC campaign from Lays Crisps.

What made this UGC campaign so successful?

Participants were asked to submit ideas on their unique crisp flavours they wanted to see produced! Not only that but they would also get the opportunity to taste and vote on other submitted flavours. Lay’s receives some awesome flavours that are loved by the public, but they also got some pretty odd flavour ideas. They had over a million entries, and their brand exposure went through the roof!

Easy entry.

The mechanism for entry easy was to understand and to share – their content was slick, and their uptake was huge.

An awesome prize.

Amazon vouchers are yesterday’s news – offer something exciting.

Plan your comms train effectively.

Lays had a full social media and content / PR plan ready to roll for this campaign, they didn’t overdo it, but weekly they were pushing traffic and engagement back to its competition without yelling it in a fans face.

Celebrate your UGC campaign entries.

Using platforms such as Wyng – you are able to easily remarket and repurpose your fans content to drive even further engagement and hype!

Ideas for your next BIG Summer UGC Campaign

  • Look at what the HOT trends are in your sector! – Talk about them, think about what campaigns you could run in sync with these?
  • Have a plan! – Spend some time to get all the ideas down on paper, bring in different teams, ask for feedback and opinions!
  • Brand partnerships WORK! – Course they work, but they have to be closely aligned and your values and expectations matched as well.
  • Research! – Nothing beats a good afternoon of competitor profiling! Learn from your audience and look at what your competitors do well, and do not do so well!

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