Joy Mangano

How Inventor and Entrepreneur Joy Mangano Joined in to Redefine Audience Engagement

Increase in Engagement
Increase in Organic Reach
2.3% (+3210)
Net Increase in Page Likes
Non-fans Reached


Joy Mangano is an American inventor, author and entrepreneur known for inventions such as the self-wringing Miracle Mop.

Joy has developed a huge following due to her inspirational success story, which was captured in the 2015 movie, Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Joy’s inventions are sold in the US via leading TV shopping channel and online retailer HSN.


After successfully launching several campaign using the Wyng platform, Joy Mangano teamed up again to deliver an innovative new format for engaging audiences on Facebook using Messenger.

The Joy Mangano team are bold and embracing of new technologies and wanted to test the reactions of their audience and engagement levels by using an AI Messenger Bot to power a giveaway competition. The bot is aimed at helping overcome:

  • Falling organic reach of Facebook posts
  • Low levels of engagement on Facebook


Rixxo converted the entry point of simple signup competition by form into an AI driven conversational competition entry.

Commenting on a Facebook post with “Get Started” would ignite a conversation with the Joy Mangano Bot who would collect your details, qualify your ability to enter and then suggest some other promotions you may like. As the campaign was run at a test, it comprised of:

  • Just 1x Facebook (Image) post
  • Small amounts of promoted post budget
  • Instagram Destination Ads
  • Only 72 hours for entry
  • Under $500 cost for total prize pool

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