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International travel deal brand Travelzoo joined in to redefine audience engagement.

Increase in signups
Increase in referrals


With 28 Million members and counting, in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and 26 offices worldwide, Travelzoo brings the latest and greatest deals from more than 2, 000 travel and entertainments businesses to their members vie email.


Quite the formidable force, Travelzoo recognised there was still a huge audience out there full of opportunity for increasing membership.

Referrals by satisfied members plays a huge role in the recruitment process and Travelzoo incentivise members to share and recruit new members.

Travelzoo have been running successful referral campaigns, but closed peer networks, over time, return diminishing results. Travelzoo wanted to break free and find new audience so sign up to their exclusive offering.


Rixxo understands the psychology behind referral signups and identified opportunities to work with Travelzoo to increase the number of shares of a campaign, and also the number of signups.

We recreated an on brand template which was mobile responsive and fast to load. Working closely with the internal marketing team we integrated the campaigns into their email platform and enhanced the app's sharing tools with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

I'm pretty sure this is down to the new FB and Whatsapp buttons - users are most probably sharing with all their contacts!

Emily Heath - Marketing Manager | Travelzoo

Visual Enhancements

Our first step to creating an improved experience was to bring the campaign quality in-line with Travelzoo brand and messaging policy. When creating shareable campaigns and competitions users want it to look good. It represents them, and their values and the better it looks the better they look.

When using third-party campaign tools and platforms you may find yourself limited. Not here at Rixxo!! We added some custom javascript that allowed us to cleverly adapt the design of the platform to meet Travelzoo brand guidelines and importantly the discerning taste of their users.

We enhanced Travelzoo's visual features to be in more in-line with their brand

On-brand templating

Once on the brand, we developed the code into an easy to repeat template that Travelzoo could use to create more and more the same campaign on brand, and importantly within budgets.

We're all about making it easier for our clients and not tying them to us for work.  We'd much rather be working on the next complex problem and teaching others how to use the tools we create.

Next to increase the sharing and virality of the campaigns.

We used the brand guidelines to create a repliable template for further use

Enhanced sharing tools

Now we had made the campaign a dream to use on mobiles and increased signups we wanted to increase its reach and virality. The default share buttons weren't doing much. Why didn't people want to share on Twitter or Facebook walls? Well because messenger apps are the place to be now on mobile. In fact, research shows more time is spent on messenger apps than any other app or social network on a mobile device.

Adding Whatsapp sharing and Messenger sharing increased the shares by over 300%. Whatsapp led the way and sent more referrals for a campaign than any other network.

We improved sharing tools to increase customer awareness

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