This week’s Wyng Template of the Week is Trivia Quiz. See the amazing things you can do with this to boost your latest campaign!

What is it for?

Trivia Quiz is the best way to invite your audience to take trivia quizzes to test their knowledge on certain topics and reward accordingly.

How does it work?

It works by allowing you create a series of questions and answers with associated images and facts, which can be revealed as you answer the quiz.

Wyng Template Trivia Quiz Example

Key use is to create an experience that’s more engaging than a simple out the box form. Mainly used simply as a pre-cursor to email gathering, though you could attach vouchers if you get over a certain score etc. As there are ranged results based on how many you get wrong (i.e if you get 8+ out of 10 you get one message, 6+ a different one etc, all settable.)

Questions can also be against the clock which adds excitement and suspense to your campaign.

Why does it work?

Everyone loves a bit of competition between friends (wink) Trivia Quiz’s are a great way to get your audience to engage and SHARE. You can satisfy your audience’s curiosity instantly by providing questions that educate and entertain, so even if their results are poor – the share-ability is always high.

Some ideas how to use it

Seasonal quizzes are timely and fun, the Trivia Quiz is a quick, easy addition to really boost your engagement, especially when supporting big releases in the entertainment sector. Use the Trivia Quiz to grow email lists, engage and educate audiences.

  • Test consumer knowledge about your brand
  • Test consumer knowledge about your industry
  • Understand your audience by using trivia to profile personalities and tastes
  • Use Trivia internally for a fun way to test product knowledge amongst your team.

Want to join in?

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