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The ODB™️ for Magento
It's so much more than a Super-fast, PCI compliant order and quote dashboard

The ODB solves so many common MOTO order issues for eCommerce businesses that it wouldn't fit into one snappy headline. Read on or book a demo...

The ODB - A MOTO Order Dashboard for Magento

We've re-invented Magento MOTO

After a decade of working with eCommerce and MOTO admins, we've added the tools to make managing eCommerce customer service a dream. We know because we've consulted many of you whilst building this product. 

MOTO Orders

The ODB makes taking day-to-day orders a breeze. With one page PCI compliant MOTO ordering and seller tools such as:

  • Intelligent matching
  • Postcode lookup
  • Related products
  • Custom products
  • Percentage based discounts 
  • Per product line comments

Drafts & Quotes

The customer needs to leave the call or come back later. The default is to clear your screen or open another tab. ODB lets you save drafts and recall them later or you can choose to send a quote from the Magento admin with just one click.

Send a payment link

Customers can checkout orders directly from their email using ANY payment gateway you have installed on your front-end. Including ApplePay, Klarna, Hokodo or other payment gateways you cannot use over the phone.

Process orders FASTER

The number one feature of ODB is that it's fast. Very fast! Just one screen to create and complete quotes and orders.

One screen with everything your agents need. Instantly.

Admins can now place an entire order from start to finish on a single screen.  Lookup or create a customer, add products, payment and shipping details without changing screens or tabs.

Lightning-fast customer and product searches

ODBs advanced search allows you to search products or customers with intelligent matching. Search multiple keywords at once recognising customers and products faster.

On-the-fly validation reduces repetition

Ever spent 10 minutes filling in a complex order, only to discover "Customer already exists" and you have to start again? On-the-fly lookups validate data as you type and highlights issues.

The ODB - A MOTO Order Dashboard for Magento

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Process orders SMARTER

Vital intelligence, customer data and product knowledge is captured and shared by your eCommerce store every day. ODB makes this data available to agents so they can offer the highest levels of customer service with reduced training.

The ODB - A MOTO Order Dashboard for Magento

Shared product and consumer knowledge

Agents can now see what Customers Also Bought* as well as related products, draft quotes and recent orders from the order screen. Purchasing behaviour data from both the front and backend informs agents to offer better product advice to customers.

Bulk add options of configurable products

In trade & B2B environments it's commonplace for multiple sizes and colours of products to be ordered at once. The ODB offers a smart and faster way to place bulk orders.

CRM features for customer management

The ODB is suitable for inbound and outbound order taking because of its CRM like lookup and usability. If a customer matches when you search you'll find all of their contact details presented if not, then you'll be able to create them right there and then.

*compatible with some but not all 3rd party modules. May require additional custom development.

Easy PCI DSS Compliance of MOTO

Customer Not Present (CNP) and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) compliance are easier and more secure with ODB as sensitive data never leaves the sales environment.

Direct input of payment details

With ODB you directly enter customer payment details into the sales system. No paper, no terminals, no separate screen or tabs. 

Pause call recordings when taking payment

Enable payment pause reminders when sensitive data is being transferred over the phone. Hook in a browser extension to make call pausing automatic*

Faster, easier reconciliation

Every order is directly tied to its credit or debit card transaction. There is no need to balance card terminals or virtual terminals with your orders.

Know which agents has handled any sensitive data

All orders are associated with the admin login that took payment. If any breach or complaint is raised you are easily able to trace back to who handled the data and when.

Make changes after taking payment details

You know Magento doesn't like an order change after you've entered card details. So what do you do? Write it down on a notepad whilst you make the changes and secretly re-enter payment details. Tut-tut!! With ODB you can make changes after setting shipping and payment details.

*may require additional custom development.

Payment Features

ODB adds common payment feature requests by merchants as standard.

Backend only payments

Easily control which payments are available to agents and which appear on the front-end checkout for customers. Combined with "Quotes & Payment Links" the versatility is now endless.

Use any payment gateway you choose

Use all of your payment options in ODB. If they are front-end only solutions such as e-wallets from ApplePay or Google Pay you can send a payment link for customers to safely checkout.

Offer payment terms and spilt payments

Buy now pay later, credit terms or split payment services such as Klarna and Hokodo that require contracts, additional information and signatures are now easy to complete via Quotes and Payment links features. 

ODB supports almost any payment provider including:
and many more.

Most popular features

Here is a quick overview of the most popular features and tools available in The ODB.


  • Easy customer creation

  • No more "customer already exists"

  • See customer contact info

  • Supports Company Accounts

  • Easy company creation

  • See open orders, drafts & quotes


Arrange a free no-obligation demo of The ODB

Agents will love The ODB

Do you use the Magento order screen regularly? This section is just for you. We know your annoyances, we know those quirks and we know how it makes you feel!!

No more "Customer Already Exists" errors

5 minutes into an order, address and card details are taken, you click "Place Order" and...apparently the customer already exists. ARRGGHHH!!!! No more. ODB validates customers as you type.

No more secrect voucher codes

Do you keep a list of secret voucher codes for giving a 10% discount, free delivery or other incentives? With ODB you can enter discounts quickly and easily line by line. No more remembering codes or having to fix voucher codes in the middle of an order.

Remembers shipping and payment details when you make changes

The dreaded "oh actually" when you've taken payment details and confirmed shipping. The customer wants to change something on their order and you have to write everything down on a notepad. Keep your PCI compliant and customers happy. ODB remembers everything until you are finished.

Actually "adds" the products to the order

When you choose items to add to the order in ODB there is no need to click another button to say "add to order". When you select a product you want on the order, it's actually added, the first time, every time.

Save drafts and avoid multiple open tabs

You're afraid to close a screen because the customer needs to call back, get a payment card, wants to check something and by lunchtime you have 20 tabs and the system is going slow. No more. Save your orders as drafts and recall them later when the customer calls back OR send them their order/quote via email. They can then edit and checkout when they are ready.

The ODB - A MOTO Order Dashboard for Magento

Better than your ERP order screen

Yes, of course, you can place your orders directly into your ERP. But some might say, the lack of permissions within ERP systems can leave it a lawless land of underpricing and bad practices.

The ODB - A MOTO Order Dashboard for Magento

Immediate customer visibility

Not all ERPs are connected with a two-way sync. Entering all orders quickly and easily into the CMS allows your customers to see every order they have placed in their My Account section, with no additional development work.

Take control of discount amounts and margins

Does your ERP allow you to restrict discount amounts, set minimum margins or hide cost prices? ODB gives negotiation tools to your sales agents with rules and limits.

Access anywhere without additional license fees

Most ERPs charge for additional user licenses, and even more for cloud access. The ODB is part of your website and by its very nature is cloud based.

Reduce integration costs

It is often far cheaper to customise your website than your ERP. The ODB is built using standard coding practices and is highly extensible.

Solve common problems for:

The ODB solves common problems and facilitates growth for eCommerce businesses.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Shopping Channels / Teleshopping

Shopping Channels / Teleshopping

D2C<br/>Direct to Consumer

Direct to Consumer

B2B <br/> Business to Business

Business to Business

Fashion & Workwear

Fashion & Workwear

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing Agents

Drop Ship Vendors

Drop Ship Vendors

Distributors & Wholesalers

Distributors & Wholesalers

It's easy to enhance ODB further

We recognise that every business is different. The ODB is designed to be customisable for individual requirements.

CRM & ERP Enrichment

It is possible and made easy to add data from your CRM or ERP to the ODB dashboard to enhance the sales experience.

Pull in additional customer information, stock location, serial numbers or any combination of data.

Custom API Integrations

Do your suppliers and manufacturers have additional data via an API? Fact sheets, COSH documents? Any information available to you via an API can now be added to the order screen.

ODB Editions & Pricing

Compare functionality and the features and benefits of a one-off price or monthly subscription.

Feature Startup eTailer B2B
Plan Price299 one off / 39.99pcm499pa / 69pcm999pa / 109pcm
Upgrades3 months / Ongoing6 months / Ongoing12 months / Ongoing
Development Licenses✔️✔️✔️
Orders & Product Lines
Save & recall draft orders✔️✔️✔️
Assign orders to Sales Agents✔️✔️✔️
Intelligent Customer Matching✔️✔️✔️
Related Products✔️✔️✔️
Manualy Discount & margin Adjustments✔️✔️✔️
Supports Price Rules✔️✔️✔️
Percentage Discounts✔️✔️✔️
Admin only payments✔️✔️✔️
Add custom products & feesNo✔️✔️
Per Product Line CommentingNo✔️✔️
Custom Shipping Methods✔️✔️✔️
Custom Shipping Prices✔️✔️✔️
Expected Delivery DateNo✔️✔️
Quick Search Products✔️✔️✔️
Exclude Product Types from Search resultsNo✔️✔️
Postcode LookupGoogle Places Integration - add your API KeyGoogle Places Integration - add your API Key OR Monthly subscriptions include fair usage Postcode LookupsGoogle Places Integration - add your API Key OR Monthly subscriptions include fair usage Postcode Lookups
Customer Management
Quick Search & Create Customer✔️✔️✔️
New customer auto validation✔️✔️✔️
Company Accounts Supported?NoAheadworks CAAdobe B2B & Aheadworks CA
Quote Management
Create and Send QuotesNoNo✔️
Save & recall draft ordersNoNo✔️
Assign orders to Sales AgentsNoNo✔️
Quote Expiry DatesNoNoGlobal
Quote Email TemplatesNoNo✔️
Convert Quotes to OrdersNoNo✔️
“Checkout Now” Button in EmailsNoNo✔️
Edit QuotesNoNo✔️
Duplicate QuotesNoNo✔️
Quote Management GridNoNo✔️
ODB support
Self-service: Community support✔️✔️✔️
Bug support✔️✔️✔️
Support via e-mail✔️✔️✔️
FTP and configuration supportOptionalOptionalOptional