Rixxo, A Bristol Digital Agency

Rixxo is a curious, unique and experienced team of individual creative, technological and business minds. Our agency exists to lead our clients to the highest levels of success, engaging and exciting their audiences, whilst providing a supportive, innovative and fun workplace for creative professionals.

We promise to stay true to our entrepreneurial spirit; to be curious and creative and use our technical expertise to understand, innovate and deliver the highest quality engaging experiences, on time and in budget.


Founded in 2012 by brothers Christopher and Richard, Rixxo began life as a social media management agency called Social Response. We quickly discovered that no one person can create content better than the audience of a brand so we began innovating new and exciting ways to captivate the attention of online audiences.

We built the first animated Facebook canvas competition, we created some of the first user-generated content heatmaps and our applications are used by brands of all sizes around the globe.

Awards & recognition of our success

Rixxo Digital Marketing Agency Bristol - Wirehive Nominees
Rixxo Digital Marketing Agency Bristol - Goldman Sachs
Rixxo Digital Marketing Agency Bristol - Google Elevator

Curious by nature. Unlimited by design

We are a naturally inquisitive and curious team of eclectic, enthusiastic individuals. It’s why we ask so many questions about everything we are involved with and get to the heart of the matter.

A large amount of time at Rixxo is dedicated to personal learning and discovery. True innovation requires lots of knowledge in multiple disciplines so that techniques and principles can be applied to solve complex problems and create new things.

It’s in our nature to pull things apart, find out how they work and put them back together better than when we found them

Today we create user-generated content campaigns, websites, eCommerce sites and other interesting and curious apps to entice audiences to interact with brands. We’re playing with Voice such as Amazon Alexa, looking at how we can use VR and 360-degree video to enhance our experiences and are investing in new tech, gadgets and devices to drive the success of our clients’ campaigns.

We share our ideas, innovation and research freely and you’ll find more in our innovation lab, at our talks, or at the end of your phone. We also love to trade knowledge. If you have interesting methods or experience you can trade then we’d love to “lunch and learn” and swap presentations whilst eating sandwiches.

Our vision is to be known as global digital experts, leading the way in defining how audiences are valued and engaged with.

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