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How we plan and deliver success using our Foundations Method

Rixxo Magento Agency Bristol Foundations Process

Foundations: Preparing for success

Foundations is Rixxo’s proven research and planning model that prepares a project for success. It was born of experience working with agencies, freelancers, internal teams and clients alike.

There are 4 key principles to our Foundations method:

Delivery On Time and on Budget
Our core and driving principle that projects should be delivered when agreed, for the amount agreed. We empower our developers to own their estimates and give them the tools and information to deliver.

Focus on Business Requirements
The final solution should meet the Epic, the objective, the goal. We agree to this at the start and remain focused on success.

Details emerge over time
We do not know everything and do not claim to. We expect the unexpected and the expected. We learn and react as the project evolves.

Demonstrate Control
There is more to a project than just you and us, we get that. You can rely on us when working with other stakeholders in the project to maintain credibility and communicate effectively.

All major projects begin with Foundations. During this time we take the time to fully understand your project requirements, you’re resources and tools and make justified and informed decisions together.

At the end of Foundations, you will have a transparent project schedule, plan and specification and everyone involved will be clear of their responsibilities within the design, development and delivery process.

Rixxo Magento Agency Bristol Atomic Design Process

Atomic Design Method: Faster, smarter design

Atomic design is a methodology where design elements are made in stages starting with the smallest (Atoms) and grouping them together, just like chemical elements until they become much bigger (Pages).

The five stages of atomic design are:

  1. Atoms
  2. Molecules
  3. Organisms
  4. Templates
  5. Pages

In web design the benefits of working in this way mean atoms, molecules and organisms can be used throughout the designs maintaining brand consistency, a reduced amount of code which makes your website faster, and importantly designing and editing site designs is considerably faster. For Rixxo we have seen up to 50% reductions in website design time compared to other methodologies.

After your initial site-build, the atomic design process allows rapid prototyping of new pages, new components or the ability to quickly test out new styles, designs and user experience improvements.

Read our more in-depth guide on atomic design to learn more


Rixxo Magento Agency Bristol Agile Delivery Process

Agile Project Management: Constant, consistent collaboration

Agile is a project management method that is great for large projects with fixed budgets and deadlines. A typical project may work by checking items off a list until you are finished. This means that contingency in a project is built into time and budget.  To ensure we deliver out sites when we agree, and to the price we agree, Rixxo uses JIRA to manage our projects in a more collaborative and flexible manner.

Employing several tools such as MoSCoW, Story Points and Business Value, we work with our clients to break a project down into easy to achieve, bite-size pieces. We’ll know which are the most important, which will give the greatest ROI and which will take the most work. With this information, we can prioritise the workflow.

Whilst working with you on a project we are never more than 24 hours away from knowing exactly what is going on.  A daily standup for 10-20 minutes enables us to discuss the previous days’ results, what will be happening today and when the next piece of the project will be underway tomorrow.

During Foundations we’ll teach you all you need to know about this project management method if you haven’t already used it and by the end of this first project you’ll be employing some or all of the techniques in your everyday work.

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