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They are good on tight deadlines, it’s rare they can’t deliver to deadline.

— Rixxo Client Survey

Compare Magento solutionsCompare Magento Open Source, Commerce and Lumarix

Our comparison table is designed for business leaders and decision-makers to understand what comes "out of the box". It's worth noting ALL of the functions listed below can exist in ANY Magento solution if you build them or buy additional extensions.

Our Lumarix Magento B2B package is incredible value and closely comparable to Commerce Cloud. It is a gateway solution for ambitious companies looking for all of the B2B features without the upfront and annual costs. Lumarix will port to Commerce Cloud when you are ready to expand again. Read the summary and detailed tables below to compare Magento solutions and see which is best for your business. 

Summary Comparison of Magento Solutions

Rotate to landscape for easier comparison viewing

Feature Lumarix Lumarix XL
Summary Features
B2B Ready to Go Theme✔️✔️
Custom Theme Development✔️
B2B Functionality✔️✔️
Integrations & Connectivity✔️
Drang & Drop Page Builder✔️✔️
Integrated Checkout, Payment, and Shipping✔️✔️
Mobile Optimised Shopping✔️✔️
Global Selling✔️✔️
Catalog Management✔️✔️
Site Search✔️✔️
Business Intelligence Dashboards✔️✔️
Advanced Marketing Tools✔️✔️
Content Staging and Preview✔️
Customer Loyalty Tools✔️
Visual Merchandising✔️
B2B eCommerce Hosting
Fast & Secure Hosting✔️✔️
Global Availability✔️✔️
SLA up to 99.99%✔️✔️
Performance Monitoring Tools✔️✔️
Enhanced Security with Fastly WAF and DDoS servicesOptionalOptional
PCI Compliant✔️✔️
Other Benefits
Account Manager✔️✔️
Technical Support✔️✔️
Access to further extensions, integrations and development✔️✔️

Detailed Comparison of Magento Solutions

Rotate to landscape for easier comparison viewing

Feature Open Source Lumarix by Rixxo Commerce
Built in B2B
Company Accounts✔️✔️
Per Company / Customer Pricing✔️✔️
Catalog Visibility Permissions✔️✔️
Send Quotes and Check out via email Link✔️✔️
Requisition Lists✔️✔️
Payment on Account✔️✔️
Credit Accounts and Credit Limits✔️✔️
Payment Terms✔️✔️
CRM Integration✔️
Sage & Other Accounting Integration✔️
ERP and WMS Integration✔️
ODB Telesales Dashboard✔️
Multi Warehousing✔️✔️✔️
Fulfilment Company Integration✔️✔️
Drop Shipping✔️✔️
Store Locator✔️✔️
Multistore and Multisite
Multiple Store Views✔️✔️✔️
Currency Conversion✔️✔️✔️
Base Currency Per Store View✔️
Currency and Price Rounding✔️
GEO IP Redirects✔️✔️
Store and Website Switcher✔️
Google Translate✔️
Translation Templates✔️
Restrict admin by Website✔️✔️
Speed & Optimisation
JS & CSS Minification✔️✔️✔️
Full Page Cache✔️✔️✔️
Content Delivery Network (CDN)✔️✔️
Image Optimisers✔️✔️
Cache Warmer✔️
Spam & Bot Filtering Tools✔️
Sales & Motivation Tools
Customer Segmentation✔️✔️
Gift Cards✔️✔️
Reward Points✔️✔️
Popup Manager✔️✔️
Customers Also Bought✔️✔️
Customers Also Viewed✔️✔️
Related Products, Upsells & Crossells✔️✔️✔️
Marketing Tools
Drag and Drop Page Builder✔️✔️✔️
Visual Merchandising Tools✔️✔️
Labels over product images based on rules✔️
Automated Google Shopping Feeds✔️
Email Marketing
Magento Email Marketing✔️✔️✔️
Mailchimp Email Marketing✔️✔️✔️
Dotmailer Email Marketing✔️✔️✔️
Sendinblue Email Marketing✔️
Abandoned Cart Emails✔️✔️
Google Tag Manager Integration & Data Layers✔️✔️
Spam Filters & Captcha✔️
Choice of Simple or WordPress Blog Integration✔️
Facebook Chat✔️
Live Chat✔️
Instagram Feed✔️
Custom Form Builder✔️
User Experience
One Page Checkout✔️
Super Fast Search with Spelling and Synonym correction✔️✔️✔️
Quick add items to basket by SKU✔️
FAQs Manager✔️
Social Login including Linkedin✔️
Product Questions✔️
Redirect on Signup✔️
Convert Guest to Customers✔️
Store Admin
Shipping types restricted by Customer Group and/or Admin Only Payments✔️
Login as customer✔️✔️✔️
Custom Shipping for Telephone orders✔️
Help Desk✔️
Flexible Menu Builder✔️✔️
Edit & Delete Orders✔️
Customise PDFs✔️
Email Attachments✔️
Payments & Subscriptions
Payments restricted by Customer Group✔️✔️
Admin Only Payments✔️✔️
Store Credit✔️✔️
Subscriptions & Recurring Monthly Payments✔️✔️
Apple Pay✔️
Google Pay✔️
Sage 200/c 50/c✔️
Extra features
Event Ticketings✔️
GDPR Compliance✔️✔️
VAT & Tax Templates and Support✔️


  1. Availability & some restrictions apply
  2. Endpoint included. Integration cost varies by client.
  3. Comparable feature or solution achieved by alternative method

Compare Magento Solutions for B2B

Interested in the B2B features of Magento 2? We've put together a comprehensive guide so you know exactly what features Lumarix has to offer. Just click below to read it now!