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Rich and Chris. They are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

— Rixxo Client Survey

24/7 We've got you!When you need us we'll hustle and make it happen

Just ask our clients. When it comes to keeping your business running we hustle. For our Magento support, we monitor our clients' sites and have an out of hours rota and processes to keep your sales alive. 

Fix. Improve. Maintain. Secure.

A monthly support retainer to keep your eCommerce business running smoothly.

Magento Support Hosting

There is always something to do on an eCommerce store. They are like owning a home where things break, other people break things, things go out of fashion or the rules change about how things must be.

But downtime and technical difficulties mean loss of revenue or data. Maintaining uptime is as much about being proactive as is it is reactive. We’ll help you find a balance to getting the right size support agreement to suit your needs.

On a monthly basis our team monitor your store and undertake security patches and updates as required - it's part of our development process. If a major version change or large feature request is on the horizon you can also use your Magento support time to help plan the development work.

Flexible Support Packages

A website support package should be tailored to suit your business and style of working. We have small packages and bigger packages and can create something specific for you. We find that most clients will choose one of the following magento support packages. If you don’t see something you think would suit you, get in touch and we’ll help you find it.


  • Support & Knowledge Desk
  • Email Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Tools
  • Backups
  • Development & Staging Sites
  • JIRA Backlog
  • Project File Storage


8 hrs/mo
  • Support & Knowledge DeskYes
  • Email SupportYes
  • Telephone SupportNo
  • ToolsNo
  • BackupsNo
  • Development & Staging SitesNo
  • JIRA BacklogNo
  • Project File StorageNo


20 hrs/mo
  • Support & Knowledge DeskYes
  • Email SupportYes
  • Telephone SupportYes
  • ToolsSecurity, SEO & Sitespeed Tools
  • BackupsDaily Offsite Backups
  • Development & Staging SitesYes
  • JIRA BacklogYes
  • Project File StorageNo


40 hrs/mo
  • Support & Knowledge DeskYes
  • Email SupportYes
  • Telephone SupportYes
  • ToolsSecurity, SEO & Sitespeed Tools
  • BackupsDaily Offsite Backups
  • Development & Staging SitesYes
  • JIRA BacklogYes
  • Project File StorageUnlimited

Lumarix by RixxoFast, Fexible, Powerful, Affordable

We are confident you will not find a more functional, feature rich Magento 2 package for less.

Magento B2b Theme Variation

Built for B2B

Lumarix contains powerful B2B functions including Company Accounts, Payment Terms, Permissions and ERP and CRM Integrations

Magento B2b Mobile Ready

Fast to Deploy

Design, build and deploy a fully functional Lumarix B2B site in as little as 2 weeks.


No Annual Fee

B2B functionality and features comparable to Commerce.  Lumarix is a great stepping stone to Enterprise level Magento.

B2B MagentoServices

Our services are B2B centric. Whilst everything we do will work for consumer-facing (B2C) Magento websites,  our services are underpinned by resources, techniques and processes to support B2B omnichannel growth.

If you already use or would like to offer

  • trade accounts
  • payment terms
  • self-service portals
  • customer or account pricing
  • customer or account availability
  • integrations with Sage, Xero, Salesforce, Hubspot and more

then a Rixxo B2B Magento site is just what you are looking for.

Adobe Bronze Solution Partner
Choose Rixxo as Your Support & Change Partner

Rixxo is made up of idea’s people; a unique, experienced team of creatives and technologists that thrive on challenge. We aren’t afraid to let our curiosity drive innovation, run with ideas and then spin them into reality. We test ideas almost to breaking point and then use the latest technologies and design to ignite high levels of eCommerce experience.


We’re driven by your success and a powerful desire to help you achieve your ambitions and objectives. Working together will be fun and exciting and we will do our utmost to make you feel included, understood and supported all the way along our journey.

Want to join in?

Call us on 0117 2077504