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Level up your B2B eCommerce
We are an expert B2B eCommerce agency since 2012. We build B2B eCommerce websites, integrate software and grow B2B businesses through strategic marketing.

Proven growth in B2B eCommerce

Rixxo is a B2B eCommerce agency focused on the success and growth of B2B and D2C domestic and international businesses. We offer a rich and diverse selection of experience,  tools, and processes to build B2B eCommerce websites. We understand the nuances of B2B selling, complex commercial and manufacturing processes and how to navigate the digital transformation that lies ahead.

Magento B2B eCommerce website

B2B eCommerce from £15,000

We believe we have the best value B2B eCommerce package available right now! 

  • Built for B2B

    Features you expect "as standard" for B2B

  • Fast to deploy

    Fully functional in as little as 2 weeks

  • No annual fee

    A suitable stepping stone from Open Source to Enterprise

ODB - A better MOTO experience

The ODB™

The fastest, most flexible and delightful way to handle telephone orders and negotiations. 

  • Increased Order Value

    AI & Data-driven upsells for agents

  • Control margins & discounts

    User roles and permissions with flexible discount and margin rules for negotiations.

  • Improved customer service

    Deliver a first-class service by telephone or mail order

Integrations & data exchanges

Integration & Data Exchange

We are masters of connectivity and build bespoke integrations that transform businesses.

  • ERP Integrations

    Sync orders, inventory and customers

  • CRM & Service

    Sync quotes, tickets and customers in sales and service workflows

  • Product Catalogs

    EDI and dropship service in either direction

Our Work

We're proud of our projects and love to talk about them. We have even more past project showcases, apps and sites live on the internet. We'd love to share and inspire your next project.

Our Work

We're proud of our projects and love to talk about them. We have even more past project showcases, apps and sites live on the internet. We'd love to share and inspire your next project.

Let's talk about your next project...

B2B eCommerce

We've developed a complete B2B eCommerce solution that is affordable, flexible and proven in the B2B and D2C arena.

As B2B experts we understand the nuances of business consumer behaviours, workflows and requirements.

Chances are we've done what you want to achieve many times before.


Integrations & Automations

Service more customers efficiently and effectively and scale your business. We connect ERP, CRM, DSV, CMS, EMS and every other TLA there is.  Whether it's connecting software to your B2B eCommerce website or directly together we can help.

Strategy, Consulting & Aftercare

Choose Rixxo to be your B2B eCommerce agency. By taking the time at the start, middle and end of a project to fully understand your business aims and ambitions, we can make solid recommendations and deliver a return on investment.

Through a decade of successfully growing and transforming eCommerce businesses with have developed a proven method for success. Foundations™ is our onboarding, goal-orientated consulting methodology to drive success in digital projects.

Strategy & Consulting
B2B Marketing Flywheel

B2B Marketing Agency

Take control of your B2B marketing efforts, see how you rank against your competition and join a cohort of other B2B marketing clients.

An expert B2B agency, Rixxo will provide an overview of your current position and highlight opportunities for new and effective strategies as well as provide the tools required to measure success in business-to-business marketing.

We believe in better

To work at Rixxo you need a Belief in Better, to say "We" instead of "I", use your voice and own your opinions and work hard every day to become an expert in your field.

Every penny of a client's budget should be treated and spent as if your own money. Every day we strive to give more for less to our clients with honesty and transparency.

Human to human

We onboard ourselves into our client businesses and our clients into ours. We develop meaningful, trusting and supportive relationships that deliver the very best work we can achieve together. We are people working together. We just have different employers.

Challenge the norm. believe in better

We don't just "build websites" or "integrate systems". We grow businesses, reduce costs, increase revenue and guide our clients to success. By focusing on the real objectives and challenging the brief we find solutions that deliver success.

Add value. Everywhere.

We share our knowledge and experience through processes, documentation and iteration upon iteration. Every project begins with learning from the last.

Expert solution providers for: