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Free MagentoHelp or Training

What better way to get to know each other a little than by solving a problem together. Tell us about a problem your facing, we'll do some preparation and present a solution.

Or, just use your time to learn how to do something new in Magento.

See availabilty and book now

We're not kidding. Here is a form to book that meeting right now, directly with one of our Certified Solutions Specialist Magento Consultants.

How can Magento Consultants help?

We're offering a FREE 60 Minute Consultation. Complete the form and we'll contact you to arrange a good time to speak. We'll ask you to provide details up front so we can prepare for our call.

RFP & Briefs

The more comprehensive a brief the better the response. We help businesses with established agency relationships or projects far to big for us to build to refine and prepare a brief. If you ask for the impossible, you get impossible pricing. If you ask for the possible, you get possible pricing. Share you brief with us and take advantage of a FREE 60 minute consultation.

Upgrade Budgeting & Planning

Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or considering a major version upgrade? Get help with templates and techniques to ensure a smooth transition.

We also have a "Migrate to Magento 2 for under £10k" initiative. Ask us for details.

Catalog & Attribute Architecture

Designing the Attribute and Set architecture can be minefield. Especially with large catalogs. We have tools, template, formulas and strategies to help.

If you would like better filtering, an easier to manage catalog or are looking to integrate with an ERP an efficient Attribute Set can reduce costs.

Integrations & Extensions

With over 10 years of experience as Magento consultants, buying, trying, building and customising Magento extensions we know the "ones to buy" and the ones to avoid.

We have a catalog of over 90 Magento 2 Extensions ourselves to suit various needs.

Use your Free 60 Minutes Consultation to track down the right solution for your site.

Build your own team

With the average cost of hiring an experienced Magento 2 developer being in excess of £65,000 a year (salary, PAYE, NI plus training and equipment) you have to make sure you have the right person.

Rixxo are happy to help here in 2 ways:

  • Pre-interview call & feedback
  • Ongoing support & guidance

Our experience tells us great developer does not mean a great designer/market/store manager/visual merchandiser.

Choosing Wisely. Magento or Shopify?

Magento or Shopify. What a question!

We can help. We can stay objective and bow out of any development opportunity so that we can remaining impartial in helping you compare the platforms and proposals from your vendors.

A great excuse to use a FREE 60 Minute consultation.

Examples of regular Magento Consultancy Projects

Here are some examples of regular Magento advice, training and consultancy we are offering our existing clients.

  • Undertaking Magento site speed audits and providing lists for developers and admins to increase page loads across the site.
  • Deciding on the best approach to Magento theme creation.
  • Overcoming PCI compliance issues.
  • Integrating Magento with ESPs, third-party platforms or marketing suites.
  • Conducting SEO audits and creating an actionable task list for teams or agencies to implement.
  • Managing large Magento product catalogues and databases.
  • Collecting and integrating user-generated content in order to generate more engagement and sales.
  • Interpreting Google Analytics or using Google Webmaster Tools with Magento.
  • Optimising Magento sitemaps and indexing.
  • Adding B2B eCommerce features to your B2C store.
  • Deciding on which edition of Magento is best suited to your business. (Try our Magento comparison tool)
  • Adding Direct-to-Consumer features to your B2B store.
  • Identifying opportunities to increase traffic and sales.
  • Launching multi-language, multi-store or Internationalised Magento stores.
  • Migrating to Magento from another CMS.
  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Supporting businesses that have had something go wrong with a new build or a breakdown in relationship with an agency or developer.
  • Identifying security risks and creating worst case processes.
  • Supporting teams who need to sign off a new Magento website build.
  • Providing usability and user experience reports based on Magento website session data.
  • Scoping of Magento projects, hosting, training and development processes.

Magento Consultants Specialising in B2B

If you want more than just a consultation, check out the B2B features of Lumarix: our Magento 2 package. We've put together a comprehensive guide so you know exactly what Lumarix has to offer. Just click below to read it now!

Lumarix by RixxoFast, Fexible, Powerful, Affordable

We are confident you will not find a more functional, feature rich Magento 2 package for less.

Magento B2b Theme Variation

Built for B2B

Lumarix contains powerful B2B functions including Company Accounts, Payment Terms, Permissions and ERP and CRM Integrations

Magento B2b Mobile Ready

Fast to Deploy

Design, build and deploy a fully functional Lumarix B2B site in as little as 2 weeks.


No Annual Fee

B2B functionality and features comparable to Commerce.  Lumarix is a great stepping stone to Enterprise level Magento.

B2B MagentoServices

Our services are B2B centric. Whilst everything we do will work for consumer-facing (B2C) Magento websites,  our services are underpinned by resources, techniques and processes to support B2B omnichannel growth.

If you already use or would like to offer

  • trade accounts
  • payment terms
  • self-service portals
  • customer or account pricing
  • customer or account availability
  • integrations with Sage, Xero, Salesforce, Hubspot and more

then a Rixxo B2B Magento site is just what you are looking for.

Adobe Bronze Solution Partner
Choose Rixxo as Your Support & Change Partner

Rixxo is made up of idea’s people; a unique, experienced team of creatives and technologists that thrive on challenge. We aren’t afraid to let our curiosity drive innovation, run with ideas and then spin them into reality. We test ideas almost to breaking point and then use the latest technologies and design to ignite high levels of eCommerce experience.


We’re driven by your success and a powerful desire to help you achieve your ambitions and objectives. Working together will be fun and exciting and we will do our utmost to make you feel included, understood and supported all the way along our journey.

Want to join in?

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