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Magento is the leading eCommerce platform powering hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide, but very few unlock the true potential of the platform. Our Magento consultants are Certified Solutions Specialists and can work alongside you, your team or your agency to provide a deep insight into all things eCommerce. Magento Consultancy is available on either a project or retained basis and covers a broad spectrum of expertise.

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Magento Consultants With Pedigree

The knowledge to succeed 

Our Magento  2 Consultants have years of experience of running Magento eCommerce stores and building them for others. Chris Gee, Founder and MD of Rixxo, has gained a unique experience that he loves to share and help Magento store owners succeed. He is supported with a Magento design & development team and marketers to deliver Magento solutions across the UK, Europe and North America.

Rixxo Magento Agency Bristol - Consultancy

Our Magento Consultancy can be adapted based on your size, location and industry. We cover all Magento Versions and Editions (we’ve been working with Magento since its beta release in 2009, so there is not much that surprises us).

How a Magento consultant can help

eCommerce RFPs & Briefs

Who better than to help you write the perfect brief than an agency with a proven discovery process, eCommerce experience and a team of developers and Magento Solution Specialists.

Magento Upgrade Planning

Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or considering a major version upgrade? Get help with templates and techniques to ensure a smooth transition.

Choosing the right CMS

Maybe you have already decided it’s Magento 2 or started a project and are questioning your initial choice. We can help clear up any concerns quickly and effectively.

Catalog & Attribute Architecture

Designing the Attribute and Set architecture can be minefield. Especially wit large catalogs. We have tools, template, formulas and strategies to help.

Integrations & Extension Knowledge

Multi-tier pricing system which allows variable prices based on the customer group. Great for B2B websites offering trade accounts or exclusive club websites.

Recruiting your internal team

Rule based catalogue and shopping cart promotions allow us to offer a wide variety of promotional offers to your customers, based on a multitude of product subsets.

Examples of regular Magento Consultancy Projects

  • Undertaking Magento site speed audits and providing lists for developers and admins to increase page loads across the site.
  • Deciding on the best approach to Magento theme creation.
  • Overcoming PCI compliance issues.
  • Integrating Magento with ESPs, third-party platforms or marketing suites.
  • Conducting SEO audits and creating an actionable task list for teams or agencies to implement.
  • Managing large Magento product catalogues and databases.
  • Collecting and integrating user-generated content in order to generate more engagement and sales.
  • Launching multi-language, multi-store or Internationalised Magento stores.
  • Migrating to Magento from another CMS.
  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Supporting businesses that have had something go wrong with a new build or a breakdown in relationship with an agency or developer.
  • Identifying security risks and creating worst case processes.
  • Supporting teams who need to sign off a new Magento website build.
  • Providing usability and user experience reports based on Magento website session data.
  • Interpreting Google Analytics or using Google Webmaster Tools with Magento.
  • Optimising Magento sitemaps and indexing.
  • Scoping of Magento projects, hosting, training and development processes.

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