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We are digital experts that exist purely to lead our clients to the highest levels of commercial success. It’s why we use our curiosity and experience to better understand our clients’ objectives, to get under the skin of their business and figure out what makes their audiences tick. 

For us it’s more about why we do and than how we do but in case you were wondering what our clients will tell you we’re the very best at then read on below.

Introducing Magento 2

Magento Commerce is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Magento’s power lies in its flexibility of customisation, a network of Magento agencies, specialists and developers around the globe and a powerful and innovative community.

Scaleable and adaptable, Magento 2 is suitable for Enterprise eCommerce websites, SMEs and startups looking for a solution that will grow with their service offering and customer requirements.

Rixxo develops and maintains it’s own base version of Magento 2 that, when deployed, includes tools and features we expect all eCommerce websites should have. This makes your life easier as a Magento store owner, improves customer experience and reduces delivery time and costs. When it comes to online retail – We believe in a better more inclusive shopping experience.

Introducing Magento 2 Agency Bristol Rixxo

Magento design and themes

Whether you are looking for a bespoke design for your business or a simple theme that is on brand, Rixxo provides a solution to meet your need.

Lumarix, our customised Luma theme, contains design elements that go beyond the default and contains the proper styling and what we consider to be the missing UX features in the default design. As a base for your store and using the ATOMIC Design Method, we are able to deliver sites that meet design requirements nearly 50% faster when compared to using standard design methods.

If it’s a custom Magento theme you are after, our experiences and helpful team of designers, frontend Magento developers and UX experts can create rapid prototypes and develop them into a bespoke Magento theme to suit your requirements.

Product Page Magento 2 Agency Bristol Rixxo

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