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Have you got what it takes to write for us?

We're proud to be a useful source of information and advice for B2B websites, Magento users, developers, marketers and leaders.

We also know that the best work comes through diversity and collaboration, so we want to open our doors to talented writers to get the very best content on our blog.

Please read through the conditions and advice below before pitching so as to not waste your or our time!


We welcome submissions from anyone who wants to write for us and believes they have a good idea. Let us know your credentials if you feel their relevant, but don't let a lack of experience stop you from pitching if you feel you have something to offer. 


  • We will pay good writers good rates
  • We will advertise your name and provide you a backlink 
  • You'll be part of the Rixxo family 

What are we looking for?

We believe in having opinions. Get in touch if you have ideas or a written article on any of the following topics:

  • Magento 1 & 2 - development, optomisation, UX, how-to's
  • B2B Marketing - how it differs to B2C, tips and tricks etc
  • SEO advice for eCommerce and B2B sites
  • eCommerce news, advice, hacks
  • Inclusivity and diversity in B2B and eCommerce spaces
  • How to's around B2B websites, magento, copywriting etc
  • Website, buisness and internet security
  • Anything else you think might be relevant to Rixxo's followers

How to submit

If you want to write for us, you don't need a fully fleshed out article.

Just drop us an email at with 100 - 500 words on your title, key points, and any references. Please include examples of your previous work and any credentials you feel are relevant, and your total cost for the article.

We will then get in touch to let you know if we're interested, any revisions to your possible article, and to discuss a deadline.

If you have an article you've already written, feel free to also send it and what you'll charge for its use. Any articles you submit to us must not be already published, and cannot be reproduced on another platform for at least 2 years.

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