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Support stats for May 2024

Rixxo is an agency focused on supporting our clients, that's why we closely monitor our support stats each month to ensure we are offering quick and positive responses for every ticket.

2.3 hoursAverage Time to First Response

100%Time to Resolution SLA Met

100%Time to First Response Met

10 hoursAverage Resolution

How we support you

The systems we have in place result from years of refinement and our belief in better. Designed to be transparent and responsive, while following industry best practices, our relentless focus is on keeping your business going.

Requesting support (raising a ticket)

You can submit your request using the link above, or send an email to our support team. 

The more information you can provide, the better. Tickets with clear steps for us to reproduce the error and details of the expected vs unexpected behaviours will lead to your issue being resolved on average 70% faster. 

Unless you believe multiple issues are related, it’s usually best to log a ticket for each separate issue.


Our support team will usually get to work on your ticket within a couple of hours. If we don’t have enough information to recreate the issue ourselves, we will come back to you and ask questions until we can. 

If your ticket is a CRITICAL issue it will be escalated to the development team immediately for resolution. 

If your ticket is not critical and we cannot find a solution quickly, it will first be estimated by the development team. Once estimated and timescales are agreed, we can schedule the work


We will keep you informed of ongoing progress. For continuity, all communication will be done within the ticketing system where possible. 


Once your issue is resolved, we will check with you to confirm that things are working as expected before closing the ticket.