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Cycling 470km for Bristol Charity Above and Beyond

Rixxo sponsors Above and Beyond cycle ride

For those who know me you’ll know I am a keen cyclist which is why I am proud to say… I have sponsored my father in law to cycle 470 km from Bristol to Paris for the Above and Beyond charity.

I could quite possibly have joined in but I thought on this occasion I am being far out shone. Only last year Simon underwent a full knee replacement. Like some bionic hero he was back on the bike within just a few weeks and set his target at cycling these mega miles today. 

The longest day on the ride is 95 miles. A whopping 153 km.

We have cycled nearly this far together for a charity ride previously in 2017 where we cycled 88 miles for Bristol Sport Break the Cycle event. This took place on the hottest day of the year and was a real scorcher.

Back to the matter in hand I am proud to sponsor, and Rixxo are proud to sponsor Simon cycling to raise £150,000 for the hospital charity.

Simon Above and Beyond Bristol to Paris

Above and Beyonds mission is to make a real difference to patients, their families and the staff who treat them in Bristol city centre hospitals. With the generosity of our donors and supporters we fundraise to:

  • Create welcoming environments.
  • Provide world class facilities and the latest technology.
  • Fund innovative research.
  • Support staff training and development.

Our values at Rixxo are much the same with a focus on innovation, a belief in better and putting those who experience our creations first.

If you would like to donate and help hit that target of £150,000 to support Bristol hospitals you can head over to the Everyday Hero page for the event.

Good Luck Simon!!

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