Search Engine Optimisation

We make websites faster, smarter, easier and rank higher in search engine results

We prefer to call it website optimisation as we’re making the website better not the search engine. It’s not magic and it’s no secret what we do so we’ll share every step of the way so you can understand and take over if you chose. It all starts with understanding where we are now which starts with a site test.

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Search Engine Optimisation

There is lots to do. No magic, just hard work.

With so many areas of Search Engine Optimisation to tackle it is important to understand which efforts will have the most effect in the shortest space of time. We prefer not to the think of SEO in terms of Search Engine Optimisation but consider it as ‘website optimisation’. The search engines don’t buy your product, they don’t provide you with valuable feedback about your services and they do not refer you to their friends – your customers do!

We focus on enhancing your website for the user first whilst maintaining focus of our goal to increase your search position. It’s all very well being number one on a search engine but if your website is almost unusable your search engine optimisation efforts have been wasted.

Free Site Speed Test

We’ll audit your site for speed, SEO, best practise and progressive compatibilty

There is no secret here. We’re going to run a Lighthouse test on your site, which you could do yourself. The advantage is in the short conversation with one of our experts who will explain to you exactly what it all means. We’ll run the rest on a few key pages of your website, read through the report and give you critical feedback on the seach engine performance of your site and offer some actionalble next steps.

What to expect from our SEO Service

  • Structured Data Markup
  • Open Graph Integration
  • Twitter Cards
  • Semantic Markup
  • Best Practise CSS & HTML
  • SEO for social media platforms
  • Engaging Content
  • User flow research
  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • SEO & Writing Tools
  • Comment Encouragement
  • Speed Improvements
  • Browser & Server Caching
  • Image optimisation
  • Quality Hosting
  • Device Management
  • Link building

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