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How to add a static block before product images on product page in Magento 2


Ok so this one is pretty much the same as the last one except we’re going to put the image before the product image gallery.

  1. Create the static block you want to add after the image. When asked to give the block an identifier add something unique this will replace block_indentifier_here in the code below.
  2. Use this code to add the block remembering to change the block identifier and giving the layout update a namespace such as custom.image.after

Now you just need to style your contents that you’ve added to your CMS block. In my example below I am using an image as a banner but you could just as well inject anything you can put into a static block including widgets, products, code, text, video and more. 

The result of adding a static before after the product image can be seen here on our Lumarix Magento Store


Before adding layout update before product image in Magento 2


After adding layout update before product image in Magento 2

Uses for adding a static block before a product image in Magento 2

  • Great for adding promo banners on specific products
  • Handy for doing cross sales when you want to use a banner instead of products (although you could add products this same way)
  • Great for adding UGC content or an uploader from a service such as Wyng
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