Magento 2 Hosting

We only use the very best in hosting software and hardware. With scaleable infrastructures, a global network and a host of other tools our Magento and eCommerce hosting helps us to delivery blisteringly fast sites on all devices time and time again.

Supercharged Store Performance

We use best-in-class, solid states drives that are optimised for Magento web server stacks.  

Tailored For You

Our Magento 2 hosting is bespoke for each client based on budget and requirements.

Keeping You Running

We designed our hosting service to ensure all of the essentials are included such as SSL certificates, backups, updates and PCI compliance.

Managed & Supported

Our processes ensure we proactively keep your site running and allow us to deliver five-star support when we are called on.

Why Rixxo?

Magento 2 Experience

Our vast experience supporting businesses using Magento allows us to solve potential problems or requests with the utmost ease. Our Magento 2 hosting has been designed with a deep understanding of the platform and the businesses that use it. This knowledge helps you to avoid Magento 2 specific issues with product management, PCI compliance and extension compatibility.

Optimum Store Performance

Magento 2 can be resource hungry.  Using hosting services that are low-power or unoptimised can result in a slow or laggy experience. Slow load times can result in vastly improved costs managing the store or a dramatic decrease in conversion rate that will ultimately cost your store sales or loss of reputation.

We combine top of the line hardware, software and processes to provide a faster, more reliable Magento 2 hosting service. The processes and configurations are designed specifically for your business to improve store manager happiness, customer satisfaction and your online revenue.

Store & Customer Data Security

Keeping your business and customer data is a priority over no other. Our managed Magento 2 hosting ensures all critical libraries and applications are kept up to date with regular updates. We work closely with you to ensure all network and business processes meet PCI Compliance requirements, whilst being onhand to approach any unique policy or situation with practiced processes and expertise.


Your Magento 2 store data is the most important assets for your online business. Putting your data at risk by not backing up properly and regularly could mean you lose years of hard work.

We pay close attention to your data by taking automatic back ups of your code, content and database. If anything happens to your Magento 2 store, we will have a secure version of your most recent backup to get you up and running again with minimum disruption.

Solutions That Scale

We work with businesses that are just launching through to Fortune 500 International retailers. We give you the power to scale your services as required to ensure your Magento 2 hosting is optimised for your budget and requirements.

Quality Support

Our Magento 2 hosting service has support built in as standard. The quality of support we give is a priority to ensure you get a prompt response to issues or changes you may require. We use our experience to tailor your support service based on the needs of your business and store. We aim to always be proactive and offer advice to reduce any downtime or issues with store functions.

Want to Join In?

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