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Free B2B Returns & Cancellation Policy
When and how can customers change their minds?

B2B returns, exchange and refund policy

If you've read our article on the distance selling act and how it applies to b2b businesses you might be wondering where to start with protecting your business.

If you don't have terms of service in place that sets out a returns and exchange policy you may have to reverse a transaction that will have a serious negative impact on your business.

A clear and concise returns and refunds policy is important for B2B eCommerce retailers.

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Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy policies are a legal requirement in many countries. This template can help to form yours and steer your GDPR compliance.

Returns & Cancellation Policy

The distance selling act makes it a requirement to display and clearly communicate your refund and cancellation policy. Generate an easy to implement refund and returns policy that improves client relations.

Terms of Service Generator

The distance selling act is retail centred and without proper terms, your b2b eCommerce business may be unprotected. Generate terms of service suitable for a trade retailer selling online.


What is a returns & cancellation policy for a b2b eCommerce store?

A return and refunds policy is an agreement between your customers and your business regarding returns and refunds.

A clear and concise returns and refunds policy should include information such as:

  • How many days they have to return a product
  • How you process refunds, whether through credit card, debit card, or replacement
  • Who pays shipping charges for returns
  • How many business days it takes to receive a refund



Why do B2B eCommerce stores need a returns and cancellation policy?

No matter how slick your shopping experience is, as your business grows you will need to deal with returns and refund requests

How you decide to deal with them is important to the overall customer experience. A well designed returns policy will positively impact customer retention.


Where should I put the eCommerce returns and cancellation policy on my site?

You should display a link to your returns and refunds policy in the following locations:

  • Site footer
  • Product pages
  • Terms and conditions page
  • Checkout screen


How do I generate a returns and cancellation policy in Magento or Adobe Commerce?