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Rixxo [ rɪkso ]


Integrators, automaters and innovators who will grow your business.

Rixxo Agency Showreel 2020
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Our Work

A small collection of work we are proud to share. We have more to share so get in touch.

Free Resources

A little goes a long way. We want everyone to succeed, so we love giving away (just a few) of our industry secrets to success. You can download our guides for free here or check out our blog for more helpful eCommerce, B2B and Marketing advice. 

Up your b2b Email game

This guide uses our years of B2B marketing experience to tell you what you're missing.

You'll see how to create 10 high ROI B2B emails. Expect examples of each email type, checklists for what to include, and some pitfalls we've learned to avoid.

Easy to read and good to refer back to, this guide is designed by our marketing experts for all levels of marketers, as a handy reminder of how to get the best ROI for the least time and effort.

Free marketing resources: 10 B2B Marketing emails you should be sending