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a graphical representaion of an ecommerce integration platform showing interconnected data

Understanding the Basics: A Quick Guide to eCommerce Integration Platforms

Did you know that the global eCommerce market is expected to hit $6.3 trillion in 2023? A big reason for this boom is thanks to the transformative effects of eCommerce platform integration. In this article, we’ll break down what it means and how an eCommerce integration can transform your business. We’ll discuss the benefits and potential challenges you might face,…

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Graphic representation of ERP for eCommerce on a mockup computer screen

10 Benefits of ERP for eCommerce Businesses

The eCommerce industry is fast-paced, unpredictable, and brutally competitive. Success means consistently exceeding customer expectations and harnessing technology to cater to a global audience. One such technology prevalent in almost every successful eCommerce business is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP for eCommerce. ERP software streamlines various business processes into a consolidated system, leading to unmatched business efficiency. Consider this –…

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graphic of a speedometer to depict the subject of how to increase magento 2 site speed

How to Increase Magento 2 Site Speed: A 10-Point Plan

As an eCommerce platform, Magento 2 is widely recognised for its robustness, flexibility, and performance. However, a common issue that many Magento 2 users face is slow site speed. A slow-loading website can have a negative impact on user experience, leading to higher bounce rates and potential loss of customers. Backlinko analysed the speed of 5 million desktop and mobile pages….

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Intellectual Property and Web Development

Intellectual Property In Web Development

Nothing in this article forms legal advice about intellectual property in website development. The information here has been sourced from government and legal resources and is intended to offer topical insight and attempt to answer common questions from those working with and purchasing from website developers. It doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of software licensing or contract laws…

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graphic representation of a mobile phone and ecommerce

Know Your Audience, B2B vs B2C eCommerce: A Complete Guide

In marketing terms, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) is describing two distinct types of customer journey. Although they share many fundamentals, the methods of engagement differ in ways that are significant for all businesses that want to reach more of their ideal customers online. What is B2B & B2C in eCommerce? B2B B2B, or Business-to-Business, refers to transactions between businesses….

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graphic of a stop sign in front of a spam bot

How to Stop Spam Bots Messing Up Your Analytics

When looking initially at a new client’s Google Analytics data, we constantly find a variety of spam bots and irrelevant referral traffic to their sites. This is unhelpful when deciphering strategies for content and analysing what is working and what isn’t on the website – what we all want is the actual data. That way we can create clear proposals…

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graphic representation of free digital marketing tools

10 of the Best Free Digital Marketing Tools in 2023

We love digital marketing tools at Rixxo. Our browsers are full of bookmarks that help us provide our digital marketing services for B2B businesses faster and better. We’re suckers for new, shiny tools and are always on the lookout for anything that helps us stay on top of our game.  It’s no secret that to succeed online, businesses of all…

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the Hubspot logo and a graphic of a checklist to depict Hubspot & Magento Integration

HubSpot & Magento Integration – Using Forms & Emails to Boost Sales, Convert Leads & Improve Customer Experience

What is HubSpot & what do you use it for? HubSpot is a CRM, a customer relationship management platform, that companies use to manage their relationships with customers. The platform is customer-centric, meaning that all information about sales, marketing and communication will link to their relevant customers, storing all data for that customer in one place.  CRMs like HubSpot are…

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The Distance Selling Act: How to Protect Your business B2B eCommerce Terms and Conditions

The Distance Selling Act: How to Protect Your Business with B2B eCommerce Terms and Conditions

Not many B2B eCommerce businesses know that selling from an online store is governed by the Distance Selling Act, a consumer legislation enacted by the Consumer Contracts Regulations. If not fully understood and adhered to, this can pose a problem for B2B eCommerce businesses. As the name suggests, consumer protections are put in place to protect the consumer and ideally…

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attributes in magento how to

Understanding Attributes in Magento – the Ultimate Guide

What are Attributes in Magento? In Magento, attributes are a way to classify product and customer information. They can be used to represent details such as material, size or colour and used in a variety of ways, For example:  Some attributes are default parts of Magento and cannot be changed, as they are crucial to the way that Magento functions, while…

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Rixxo Magento Deployment Process

Our Magento Deployment Process (& Why it Matters)

The aim of this article is to share our Magento deployment process for building, upgrading and maintaining Magento 2 eCommerce sites for our clients. We’ll dive into the how (we promise to keep tech-speak to a minimum), but more importantly, we’ll cover the why. But why should you even care? Glad you asked. Knowledge is power, so when it comes…

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integrating magento & orderwise

We’re experts at integrating Magento and OrderWise and here’s proof

Who are OrderWise and what’s our relationship with them? OrderWise is an ERP, an enterprise resource planning system, create by Wise software. This software is suitable for large-scale organisations to manage stock, orders, piercing and delivery of goods and services within their ecosystem. We were introduced to OrderWise when asked to integrate with their systems during a website build, and…

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