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Equality and Diversity in the Workplace - 10 easy ways to make your workplace more inclusive and diverse

10 easy ways to move towards equality and diversity in the workplace

Since the murder of George Floyd and the international outcry of #BlackLivesMatter, most organisations have been rushing to catch up with the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ movement. While some of this is clearly just a PR exercise, many companies are waking up to the need to diversify, and be inclusive and welcoming workplaces for all people. But where do you start?…

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Our top 6 payment gateway choices for Magento 2

The 6 Best Payment Gateways for Magento 2

Key Payment Method Statistics  Globally shoppers prefer to use eWallets (like Paypal or ApplePay) – 33%, followed by credit cards (23%) and debit cards (12%) (Worldpay Global Payments Report). By the end of 2019, nearly 2.1 billion consumers will use an eWallet to either make a payment or send money (Paypers Payment Methods Report). “Buy now, pay later” services such…

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B2B websites how they are different and how to succeed at building one

B2B websites, how they are different and how to make them successful

Common B2B Website Features Call to Actions If you are in sales and writing your pitch or script, you will intuitively add calls to actions without even realising it. “Isn’t it? Don’t you? Won’t that be good?” I always thought of this as the nodding dog technique. You are encouraging a positive response through your selling. Call to actions don’t…

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Best Selling and Popular Magento 2 Themes

Best Selling and Popular Magento 2 Themes

Our pick of the best selling off the shelf themes to bootstrap your Magento 2 project.

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No tags	To Bot or not to Bot. Should AI Chatbots be used for Competitions?

To Bot or not to Bot. Should AI Chatbots be used for Competitions?

The bots are here – they’re getting smarter and users LOVE them. Facebook Messenger now has over 1.2 billion monthly users and Whatsapp has a whopping 1 billion daily users so businesses and brands are waking up to the necessity of using these channels to engage audiences. Many are turning to AI and chatbots to help, but for many it still feels like a…

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John Lewis Christmas Advert Formula

The John Lewis Christmas advert formula

It’s that time of year again! How dare we talk about the dreaded C word already! Well, we are a marketing agency, it’s simply our job to be talking about it this early- much, much earlier in fact! Now that these big brands have really upped their game (and budget) with their Christmas adverts and marketing campaigns, it’s not just…

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