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B2B Websites

We build B2B websites that generate leads. By understanding your business goals, sales process and products we work together to create a powerful sales funnel.

How many leads do you need?

B2B Websites that are

Do you know what role your website plays in your business? Does the website pay for itself? Do you know what you need to do to get more business with your website? We can help. Here's how...

Strategy & Planning

How we begin a project determines how the project ends.  We being a project by understanding what success looks like, understanding what it is going to take to get there and planning the journey ahead.

We see it as our responsibility to insert ourselves into your business and treat it as if it were own. Your success becomes our success.

A Website & Content Audit

If you are happy(ish) with your current site and feel it should be working better for you then a website and content audit might be the answer.

At the end of the SEO audit, you will have a tangible output in the form of a full report with recommendations on how to proceed. The report is clearly prioritised using MoSCoW and each recommendation is given an effort score.

The final version will be delivered to you as a short presentation and Q&A session. Hard copies and digital copies of all the assets will be provided for your records.

The headers of the final document are agreed before we begin so you'll know exactly what you are getting and we can deliver with laser focus.


Rixxo Magento Agency Bristol Foundations Process


Foundations is Rixxo’s proven research and planning model that prepares a project for success. It was born of experience working with agencies, freelancers, internal teams and clients alike.

If a website & content audit it the "lite" then Foundations is the "full fat" option.

If you are on your second or third website, things are still not working or you don't feel like you are getting the progress you want Foundations aims to solve these problems.

At the end of Foundations you have some or all of these things:

  • Demonstration of business understanding
  • Our recommendations
  • Prototype
  • Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sitemap
  • Primary function user journey(s)
  • Wireframe example(s) of key content
  • System architecture diagram(s)
  • Design mockup(s)
  • Project Timeline
  • Cost estimate
  • Delivery plan

Content & Design


Content must always come before design. A B2B website should sell your service, and tell your customers what the need to know first. Then you make it look good.

We'll make writing content for your website a breeze by breaking content into groups that make discussion and planning easier.

These are known as Topic Clusters.

A topic cluster is a collection of articles, your own or others that link in and out of a Pillar Page. A website built by Rixxo will contain SEO tools that support Topic Clustering and Pillar Pages to help manage and plan your B2B website content.

B2B Website Content
B2B Website Design


Nobody wants their business to look bad from the outside, but at the same time not everybody wants to spend a fortune on "colouring in".

When it comes to making the content you have provided look great we have a number of approaches and methodologies to make design affordable.

  • We use an ATOMIC design methodology
  • We are happy to work with pages builders such a Divi and Beaver Builder
  • We will stick to brand guidelines where provided or set them if needed
  • Images are important. We'll help you create an image theme if you don't yet have one.
  • We'll make it easy to stay on brand going forwards

Building a B2B Website

Platform Choice

Our focus is delivering success. For most clients this is considered as new business from the website or increased sales from existing clients.

If you are looking into a B2B eCommerce store you will want best in class functions and tools as found in our B2B eCommerce offering.

For brochure and lead gen sites then an important factor is going to be content creation and distribution. Choosing the right CMS (content management system) is a big part in success.

We build websites a variety of CMS platforms as well as bespoke headless sites.

B2B Website Platform Choice
B2B Website Optimisation

SEO, Sitespeed & Optimisation

Whilst mobile usage is increasing for B2B websites it is still common place for desktop usage to be considerably higher than mobile.

A little unfair for business to business website owners as search engines such as Google will still measure your performance based on the mobile site when desktop is where almost all of your usage happens.

A Rixxo B2B website will contain tools to ensure your website works and scores highly on mobile tests whilst ensuring desktop experience is still smooth and enjoyable for you users.

  • Fast and efficient
  • SEO tools and page scoring
  • Registers as PWA in Lighthouse tests
  • Caching tools included
  • Image smushing and nextGen images
  • Additional site speed and SEO tools with Hosting & Support

They provide an easy to understand structure and process for my team to follow.

— Rixxo Client Survey

Fix. Improve. Maintain. Secure.

A monthly support retainer to keep your B2B website running smoothly.

Magento Support Hosting

There is always something to do on a busy marketing website. They are like owning a home where things break, other people break things, things go out of fashion or the rules change about how things must be.

But downtime and technical difficulties mean loss of revenue or data. Maintaining uptime is as much about being proactive as is it is reactive. We’ll help you find a balance to getting the right size support agreement to suit your needs.

On a monthly basis our team monitor your store and undertake security patches and updates as required. If a major version change or large feature request is on the horizon you can also use your support time to help plan the development work.

Flexible Support Packages

A website support package should be tailored to suit your business and style of working. We have small packages and bigger packages and can create something specific for you. We find that most clients will choose one of the following packages. If you don’t see something you think would suit get touch and we’ll help you find it.


  • Support & Knowledge Desk
  • Email Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Tools
  • Backups
  • Development & Staging Sites
  • JIRA Backlog
  • Project File Storage


8 hrs/mo
  • Support & Knowledge Desk Yes
  • Email Support Yes
  • Telephone Support No
  • Tools No
  • Backups No
  • Development & Staging Sites No
  • JIRA Backlog No
  • Project File Storage No


20 hrs/mo
  • Support & Knowledge Desk Yes
  • Email Support Yes
  • Telephone Support Yes
  • Tools Security, SEO & Sitespeed Tools
  • Backups Daily Offsite Backups
  • Development & Staging Sites Yes
  • JIRA Backlog Yes
  • Project File Storage No


40 hrs/mo
  • Support & Knowledge Desk Yes
  • Email Support Yes
  • Telephone Support Yes
  • Tools Security, SEO & Sitespeed Tools
  • Backups Daily Offsite Backups
  • Development & Staging Sites Yes
  • JIRA Backlog Yes
  • Project File Storage Unlimited

Relax 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Magento Commerce is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Magento’s power lies in its flexibility of customisation, a network of Magento agencies, specialists and developers around the globe and a powerful and innovative community.

B2B Websites

Flexible B2B Hosting

Our hosting system is robust and scalable. Get in touch to find out how our system can support your business and save you money.

Cloud Up down Migration

Open Honest Hosting

We're transparent about our hosting, setup and providers. If you have had a bad experience in the past we can offer solutions to keep you in control of your domain, hosting and access.

Fast Magento Hosting

Speed & Optimisation

We combine top of the line hardware, software and processes to provide a faster, more reliable website hosting service. The processes and configurations are designed specifically to improve site speed and support integrations with multiple platforms.

Safe Secure Vault

Security, Data & PCI Compliance

Keeping your business and customer data safe is a priority. Our managed website hosting ensures all critical libraries and applications are kept up to date with regular updates.

Server Hosting

Scalable Website Hosting

We host applications for businesses that are just launching through to Fortune 500 International retailers. We give you the power to scale your services as required to ensure your website hosting is optimised for your budget and delivery requirements.

Laptop to Server Migration

Backups & Data Recovery

Regular automatic backups of your code, content and database keep your store safe. If anything happens to your website, we will have a secure version of your most recent backup to get you up and running again with minimum disruption.

Magento Support Hosting

More than hosting

We offer technical support for websites. Having a single provider for hosting and support can be advantageous.


  • Memory (RAM)
  • Data Storage
  • Transfer
  • Secondary Domains
  • SSL Certificates
  • Backups

Web 50

£49 /mo
£47 /mo
  • Memory (RAM) 2GB RAM
  • Data Storage 60GB SSD
  • Transfer 3TB Bandwidth
  • Secondary Domains +3 Domains
  • SSL Certificates 1 SSL Certificate
  • Backups Weekly

Web 100

£99 /mo
£94 /mo
  • Memory (RAM) 8GB RAM
  • Data Storage 160GB SSD
  • Transfer 5TB Bandwidth
  • Secondary Domains +3 Domains
  • SSL Certificates 5 SSL Certificates
  • Backups Weekly

Web 500

£149 /mo
£142 /mo
  • Memory (RAM) 8GB RAM
  • Data Storage 275GB SSD
  • Transfer 6TB Bandwidth
  • Secondary Domains +6 Domains
  • SSL Certificates Unlimited
  • Backups Daily (Offsite)

Web 1000

£299 /mo
£190 /mo
  • Memory (RAM) 16GB RAM
  • Data Storage 300GB SSD
  • Transfer 5TB Bandwidth
  • Secondary Domains +6 Domains
  • SSL Certificates Unlimited
  • Backups Daily (Offsite)

All hosting packages include:

Monitoring & Alerts

All of our hosting comes with metric and usage alerting tools allowing us to keep a close eye and watch for issues.

Load-balancing Option

We have the option to add load balancers to your site splitting the work between duplicate servers offering redundancy and speed.

99.9% uptime SLA

We'll credit your hosting costs for downtime on your production site due to server outages.

Global Coverage

Our cloud data centres are located all around the globe, allowing us to localise services for increased speed and search results.

Firewall Included

All of our hosting options are provided with a firewall for additional security.

Integrated Deployment

Your hosting services are connected with our development tools meaning we can work faster and smarter.

DNS & Domain Networking

Robust and fast DNS configuration and network settings included.

Data Recovery

All hosting options come with a backup service meaning we can get back up and running in the event of data loss.