Magento 2 Luma Sketch Template

SAVE Hours with our Magento atomic design template for Sketch and Figma

Starting from a Magento 2 Luma template will save you hours of design and development time. Quickly adapt buttons and styles and create your own customisations in Sketch of Figma before developing.

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Atomic design is a proven method to save time on design and development especially on Magento Stores. We created a Magento 2 Luma Sketch Template when designing Lumarix our very own Magento 2 Theme that saves our clients time and money whilst delivering 100’s of essential features not included in Magento core.

If you are about to design a Magento 2 store then using our Luma Sketch Template will save you hours of time.

Magento 2 Luma Sketch Template

Design and reimagine Magento 2

Use this sketch file with its many built out elements and pages to add to the Luma theme, or reimagine it. Do so easily and quickly with well organised and created symbols throughout the many pages.


Magento 2 Luma Sketch Template

Atomic Symbol Architecture

All of the elements within this Sketch template are converted into symbols and built/organized atomically. Meaning you can edit the source symbol of a grouped elements and see that change take effect throughout all the pages.

Magento 2 Luma Sketch Template

All pages covered

The Home and Product are all included, as well as the Account, Contact, 404 and even the Transactional Emails. Providing the most thorough and usable sketch template fr Magento 2 Themes available.

Meet Lumarix

A flexible and powerful ready-made Magento 2 bootstrap that saves you time and money

Lumarix, is our customised Magento 2 theme that boasts extensive improvements, focused on improving user experience and is packed full of powerful features needed to grow sales. Developed to offer maximum value and work in a multitude of industries, using Lumarix can dramatically reduce costs and time to launch.  Lumarix can be styled to look however you choose and can be used as a theme or framework.

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